Car Wash franchise opportunities

The car wash industry is booming and the staggering growth in the market has been fuelled by consumers with more disposable income. 2.3 billion cars are washed annually and the annual revenue for the industry is $5.8 million. British drivers are reportedly too lazy to wash their own cars, and a poll uncovered eight out of 10 UK drivers often visit a car wash. Why? Because professional car wash services do a better job in half the time. With so many drivers now preferring to pay to have their cars cleaned, there has never been a better time to consider opening a car wash franchise.

Benefit from established car wash business models

There are multiple advantages to choosing a franchise when entering the car wash industry. This business system has proven to be incredibly successful, and you can use the know-how and brand name of your chosen franchise to grow your business and gain the trust of local customers. Often, many car wash franchises ensure your chosen site is compliant with relevant environmental, planning and health and safety requirements, taking this concern out of your hands. Similarly, you’ll also receive on-going training and support, while benefiting from being a part of a large network.

Start a car wash franchise in the UK!

There are multiple car wash franchise opportunities in the UK, including well-known names such as Waves, Tesco, Autovaletdirect, IMO and GeoWash. These companies often require potential managers and staff members to have good customer service, verbal and written skills. However, previous experience of running a business is not a requirement, but showing a willingness to learn new skills is vital.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the car wash industry - 8 million cars are washed around the world every single day. If you are interested in opening a franchise that offers thorough guidance and support, the car wash sector may be the right option for you.

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