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Jo Jingles franchise information

If you’re interested in working with children and you love singing and dancing, starting a music education franchise business could be a great choice. Here, we’re looking at one of the leading companies in the sector and asking: Does Jo Jingles franchise?

Regular exposure to music has been proven to stimulate a child’s imagination and improve their language, social and coordination skills. Jo Jingles supports this development by providing fun music and movement classes to children between three months and five years old. 

With the help of a colourful mascot called Jo, the instructors encourage children to play instruments, dance to music and sing nursery rhymes. The 30-45-minute classes are rigidly structured according to the children’s ages and abilities, and introduce concepts such as colours, shapes, numbers and animals. Every child gets to try at least two percussion instruments per week, from drums to tambourines and bells.

Does Jo Jingles franchise?

Yes, there are Jo Jingles franchise opportunities on offer for entrepreneurs who would like to set up a fun and rewarding business. The brand’s franchise system guarantees investors a high level of training and support to help them develop flourishing units. 

Keep reading to find out more about the Jo Jingles franchise system and how you can get involved. 

History of Jo Jingles 

Jo Jingles was established in 1991 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, and has been operating as a franchise since 1995. Now, it’s racked up over two decades of experience in entertaining and educating children. 

The Jo Jingles brand now consists of more than 700 centres spread across the UK, Ireland and Western Australia. With this high level of coverage, the company gives a large number of parents and guardians the chance to take part in its interactive classes. 

A child is more confident, usually speaks early and gains an early grasp of the rules of communication if started early in clapping games, group activities and musical games. - Dr Miriam Stoppard, child psychologist

Starting your own Jo Jingles franchise unit

Jo Jingles welcomes investors from a wide variety of different backgrounds into its network. In fact, the business has previously appointed people who have worked as police constables and bank tellers, to name just two professions. 

Ideally, you should have some experience working with children and performing music before you apply to be a franchise investor. You must also be prepared to put in the effort to get your business off the ground. If you can do that, you’re well on the way to becoming a successful franchisee.

Becoming a Jo Jingles franchisee:

Jo Jingles is looking for hardworking entrepreneurs who can relate to children and take pride in providing entertainment and education opportunities. Running a children’s franchise requires confidence and enthusiasm, and you’ll need to be comfortable juggling the various tasks associated with managing a business. 

To start the joining process, head to Jo Jingles’ website, where you can get in touch with the franchise team. 

How much you need to invest: 

Jo Jingles offers a low-cost investment opportunity. The amount you spend setting up a franchise unit will depend on the size and population of your territory, but the minimum price is  £6,500 plus VAT. 

The franchise has revealed it would cost around £9,000 plus VAT to buy a franchise territory covering three large towns. 

You will also need to account for £600 to £1,000 in additional costs during your first year as a Jo Jingles business owner. 

Music helps children to learn maths. When children learn rhythm, they are learning ratios, fractions and proportions. - Professor Gordon Shaw, University of California, Irvine

What you get for your investment:

The Jo Jingles franchise investment package includes full training at the business’s headquarters, which usually takes place over four or five days. As a franchisee, you’ll learn about how to develop your business, manage bookkeeping and accounts, and deliver various class programmes. 

Then, the franchise organises a one-to-one business advisory day prior to the launch of your unit, so you shouldn’t have any unanswered questions by the time you open your doors. 

Once you’ve completed your training, you should have a thorough understanding of the Jo Jingles culture, ethos and brand personality. As part of the joining process, you’ll also have the chance to ask any questions you have and visit other franchisees in the network. 

Jo Jingles provides musical equipment and three years of detailed class programmes to help you deliver high-quality sessions. And you’ll benefit from a PR support scheme and access to the franchise’s intranet, filled with information and useful resources. The company even appoints a local mentor to provide ongoing business support at your franchise branch. 

Plus, you’ll have the chance to take part in regular group meetings and conferences, held across the UK every year. At these events, you’ll be able to network with other franchisees and keep ahead of business and industry developments.

Joining the childcare franchise sector

If running your own business in the music education sector fills you with excitement, we recommend finding out more about joining Jo Jingles as a franchisee. The company has established a strong presence across the UK and international territories and developed a positive reputation. 

You can find out more about becoming a Jo Jingles franchisee on the business’s Point Franchise profile page. 

Alternatively, why not browse the other opportunities currently on offer in the childcare sector? You’ll find companies providing everything from tutoring services to sports classes and swimming lessons. 

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of the wider franchise industry? You can access hundreds of data-driven articles right here at Point Franchise. We’re dedicated to giving motivated entrepreneurs the information they need to develop high-quality businesses, so you’ll find insight into every aspect of the franchise universe.

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