Strollercise franchise

Min investment
7,500 +VAT


Strollercise franchise

Strollercise is a unique style of fitness and offers franchisees a social and flexible business opportunity. Hours are can be fitted around family commitments, however franchise owners would be expected to run a minimum of six classes per week.

Minimum investment
7,500 +VAT

Funding support

Total investment
7,500 +VAT

Franchise fees
7,500 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
7,500 +VAT

  • Operating fee:
  • Advertising fee:
    £10 per month
  • Royalty fee:
    fixed amount per month TBA
  • Average floor space:

About Strollercise

Success and high demand for the Strollercise 50s style Dance Fitness Franchise, sees this unique concept expanding across the UK!

AND our first 10 successful applicants will benefit from a £1,000 reduction on the Franchise Fee.

About Us

Strollercise only started franchising in 2018 but they already have six franchises up and running successful Strollercise Franchises in Essex. Established by Samantha Williams in 2016, Strollercise got its name from the popular strolling in the Rock & Roll clubs of the 1950s due to the fact that class members do 6,000-7,000 steps per session it has become a gentle, low impact, form of dance fitness.

Increasing demand for the Strollercise dance / fitness classes sees this new, exciting Dance Fitness Franchise set to expand across the UK.

All the Strollercise classes are suitable for all genders aged 14 and over, there are also special low intensity classes available for those suffering with COPD, Fibromyalgia and even for those using walking aids.

Strollercise is a unique style of dance fitness and offers franchise owners a social and flexible business opportunity. Class hours can be fitted around family commitments, as franchise owners are only expected to run a minimum of six classes per week.

Current franchise owners work on an average of 20-25 people per class however classes have been held for up to 70 people, in suitable venues.

The Strollercise Franchise Opportunity:

Strollercise Franchise owners run their dance fitness classes to the sounds of the 50's & 60's.

The franchise fee is a one off payment of £7,500 exc. VAT and includes £500 worth of equipment AND payment plans can be offered. You only need a computer and a phone plus somewhere to work from home to start your business. There will, of course, be some additional costs to consider and any liquid funds you may need to support yourself while you establish your business. As a franchise owner you are expected to check the suitability of, and book, your venues ensuring that you pay your hire fees on time.

No qualifications or fitness background are required as you will receive full training to teach the strolls yourself. Franchise owners will be provided with instructional DVDs and online support, plus our Strollercise Facebook group which is for franchise owners only.

We will assist you in setting up your social media presence, creating a Facebook group for all your strollers but you will be expected to update this on a daily basis.

The minimum of six, one hour classes a week are at a cost of £5.00 inc. VAT per class member. When the weather is good you can also benefit from attending and advertising at indoor and outdoor events.

The Strollercise Franchise Package:

For a low cost fee of £7,500 you can own your own Strollercise Franchise.

As a franchise owner you will receive:

Rights to use the Strollercise name
Full training in all areas of the business from operations and services to customer service
Exclusive franchise territory
Rocker Box
Head Microphone Set
Music on a Dongle
Strollercise branded t-shirt
A central website
Facebook Page
Ongoing support and business updates
Processes, systems and templates to run the business

How much can you earn?

You get out, what you put in! So this really does depend on you, and how much work you put in. Our top franchise owners run 9, 1 hour classes a week and can have a potential turnover in excess of £4,500 per month; this will vary based on the numbers attending the classes. It is not uncommon to have between 25-50 people per class.

You can work around family and your other commitments, most of franchise owners work their business around their job, most have since left their full or part-time jobs as they have found that they earn more in an hour doing what they love, in there own area, than they earned in a day working full or part-time!

Franchise owners will also have an additional revenue stream via DVD and Strollercise apparel sales.

Available Territories:

We currently have availability throughout the UK but dont wait too long and miss your desired location

Find out more about the exciting new Strollercise Franchise Opportunity and running your own Dance Fitness Franchise. Click below now!


Training and support provided

Our training programme consists of:

  • The concept is so easy to master that you can actually learn all the strolls from our instructional DVDs, ideally you should endeavour to attend a few of our classes prior to commencing
  • We can provide from two days to two weeks in-class training with a current, experienced, franchise owner, however this is only in Essex at the moment, but will expand to other areas as our network expands (accommodation and food is the responsibility of the new franchise owner in training)
  • Help sourcing suitable venues in your first month.
  • Training for all new strolls via our DVD or videos in the Strollercise Facebook group which is for franchise owners only.
  • Full Operations Manual
  • Your initial 4,000 promotional leaflets
  • Facebook group creation
  • Continuous training is provided in our closed Facebook group on advertising, outdoor events, pinning posts, social media, and more
  • Ongoing performance reviews & site visits
  • Centralised leaflet, postcard, business card ordering
  • Strollercise merchandise supply
  • Help is only a call away; we are here to help any time.

Case studies

Denise Styles - Castlepoint, Essex

Denise spent most of her working life in offices, carrying out secretarial and administration duties for various companies in London, and, later on, more locally.

 So why did she choose this franchise over others that are available?

"Strollercise is quite simply great; there isnt another franchise like it. It's something I love being involved in as a class member, as well as teaching it. If I'm honest it doesn't feel like a job! Its confidence building, its fun, plus it keeps me fit and motivated."

Sam and Steve (franchisors) have been excellent. If I have any questions she will always be there for me. I am still in my first year so its great to have the support they provide.

What challenges has Denise faced while getting to know the Strollercise business?

"Its important not to get disheartened when you start a new class and only a few people turn up as they do grow very quickly. 

What would Denises advice be to someone thinking of joining Strollercise?

It's a fantastic move you do have to put in the effort, but then you reap the rewards.

Lorraine Musto

Lorraine Musto had always worked in an office (for 50 years!). She started in 1969 as a junior secretary, in an office in London. Through the years she had other jobs outside an office environment, mainly in pub and restaurant related positions.

But why not stay in an employed position?

I chose franchising over staying in employment because after a long office based career, I did not want to return to that environment. With a franchise I was in control but I had the support of my franchisor.

What challenges has Lorraine faced?

Actually setting up a Facebook page and all the media related issues was initially quite a challenge. Securing the halls and negotiating rates and actually putting myself out there was difficult at first."

My personal high so far is when I take a class with a good attendance, I stand back and watch and feel so proud to think that Ive taught all those people what they are doing at this moment in time and I plan to carry on running my Strollercise classes for as long as I can!

What would Lorraines advice be to someone thinking joining Strollercise?

Ask loads of questions and do lots of research, but you must, above all, find that place in the market. (Thank you very much to Sam and Steve who did that for me).