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Little Gym franchise information

Fitness franchises for children are becoming increasingly popular. Parents understand the importance of helping their children exercise in a fun and non-competitive environment. One of the leading childrens enrichment companies in this industry is The Little Gym.

Founded in 1976 by pioneering educator and musician, Robin Wes, in Bellevue, Washington, The Little Gym is specially designed for children between 4 months and 12 years. Robin had the vision to create an encouraging atmosphere where children could develop physically while also advancing from a social, emotional and intellectual perspective too.

Over 40 years later and Robins vision is still going strong. Since the Little Gym was first franchised in 1992, there are fitness franchises in over 300 locations worldwide.

Whats required?

The Little Gym is one of the best franchises to open if youre passionate about working with children. As a franchisee, youll receive detailed lesson plans so that you can teach your class members through movement-based learning and imaginative play. As well as getting children to enjoy exercise, the unique lesson plans help to build confidence too.

Opening a franchise with The Little Gym requires a range of skills including a talent for developing, leading and managing a team. You should also have a positive attitude and a reasonable level of business sense. And, most importantly of all, you should have a natural ability to build relationships with kids, staff, parents, and your local community.

You dont need to have any previous experience of running your own business or working with children as a comprehensive training programme is offered to all franchisees. Your training will include:

  • Financial training and support so that you can effectively operate your gym.
  • Recruitment training so that you only hire the right team to support your business.
  • Real estate training to help you select the best location for your new venture.
  • Hands-on, in-gym training so that you can deliver the pre-prepared lesson plans in The Little Gym way.
  • Online refresher courses which can be accessed at a time thats appropriate for you.

And if you have any questions or concerns at any time, the team at The Little Gym UK headquarters are devoted to providing you with the tools and assistance you need to succeed.

Joining process

If youre interested in opening a franchise with The Little Gym, the joining process couldn't be more straightforward. Your journey to becoming a franchisee will start with an initial call so that you can find out more about the opportunity, what will be expected of you as a franchisee, and how the selection process will be managed.

If you meet The Little Gym franchisee criteria, and youre happy that youve found the right opportunity for you, youll be invited to The Little Gym Europe corporate headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. During this visit, you'll get an overview of the company and meet the team.

Once youre back home, youll find out within just a few days if youve been awarded the franchise. No lengthy processes or red tape meaning that this is one of the best franchises to open for budding entrepreneurs who want to get their business up and running as quickly as possible.

Case study

The best franchises to open are the ones that help you feel fulfilled. This has undoubtedly been the case for Ned Baring, the franchisee for The Little Gym Cambridge.

Before starting his own business, Ned was a geography teacher. Ned loved teaching and working with children but felt confined in the school environment and longed to give his students a richer, out-of-classroom learning experience. This desire was born out of being involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and seeing the positive effect that education outside of the classroom can have on children.

Ned was in the process of considering several different fitness franchises when he came across The Little Gym. He attended a class with his sister and his nieces and was instantly impressed by the whole concept of The Little Gym. His nieces loved it, the instructors were enthusiastic, and the participating children had the freedom to express themselves.

Ned went straight home and discussed the idea of opening The Little Gym franchise with his wife. Ned was keen to help children to fall in love with sport and movement, work together in teams, embrace their creativity, develop life skills, and build their confidence as individuals.

And Ned made this happen when he opened The Little Gym Cambridge in 2013. The journey to opening his new business has been exciting, and Ned would recommend it to anyone contemplating starting a franchise with The Little Gym. Ned's business is growing well, and today nearly 800 children visit his gym each week.

For Ned, the most satisfying part of running his business is to see the children grow in confidence. Parents have also noticed the difference in their little ones and praise Ned and his team for teaching his class members valuable skills that they can take with them through life.

Financial information

The cost of opening a franchise with The Little Gym will vary depending on several factors, but as a guide:

  • Total investment cost: Between £223,500 and £310,500
  • Working capital: Between £25,000 and £45,000
  • Lease deposit: Between £15,000 and £35,000

Note that these figures are estimates for the costs of opening a franchise with The Little Gym and operating it for six months.

As a franchisee, youll also pay an 8% service management fee on your gross monthly income. This funds the ongoing support that youll receive from your business consultant and the entire support team. Youll also have access to all the tools and guidance you need to develop and evolve your business.

Youll also contribute 1% of your gross monthly income to the brands centralised marketing fund. This provides you with innovative marketing tools and knowledge so that you can continually grow your franchise.

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