Does Brokerplan franchise in the UK?

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    Brokerplan finance franchise information

    Brokerplan, a thriving brokerage franchise, could be the perfect place for you to start your franchising journey. With over 250 lenders and a wide variety of clients, you’ll be able to shape your ideal experience in the financial service industry.

    Founded in 2004, Brokerplan is a trusted go-to for businesses in need of financial assistance. In 27 years, the company has secured loans for thousands of companies, with amounts reaching into the tens of millions. If a career as a finance broker in a thriving network is of interest to you, an investment in Brokerplan could be the answer. But does the business franchise in the UK?

    Does Brokerplan franchise?

    Yes, Brokerplan does franchise in the UK. The UK’s most trusted brokerage is always looking for new, dynamic people to welcome to its team. As a leading franchise in the UK finance sector, Brokerplan could be a great option for you.

    We survived the financial crisis that swallowed up much larger businesses and established our position as the go-to for independent brokers seeking an alternative way to finance their clients’ businesses.

    History of Brokerplan 

    Brokerplan was founded by Geoff Wilson in 2004. Geoff is now a National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers board member, and his brainchild, Brokerplan, is one of the longest established finance brokers in the UK. 

    Originally founded as a standalone broker, Brokerplan’s scale quickly increased, and the business built up a large client base. Today, with over 250 business lenders, Brokerplan sources funding from all kinds of sources, from high street banks to alternative options such as Peer 2 Peer, FinTech Solution, Revolving Credit and Private Funds.

    Brokerplan franchisees support customers with:

    • Commercial and business loans 

    • Commercial and buy-to-let property mortgages 

    • Bridging and short term funding 

    • Property development finance 

    • Asset leasing 

    • Invoice finance and factoring 

    • General business loans 

    • Grants and personal loans 

    The franchise has been awarded FCA Principal status, making it fully compliant with, and regulated by, the FCA. These facts increase client confidence, and prove Brokerplan to be a trustworthy, reliable business.

    Potential Brokerplan investors should be aware that the opportunities within this company are many and various, with five different franchisee packages on offer:

    • Brokerplan Business Owner

    • Brokerplan Business Partner

    • Brokerplan Professional

    • Brokerplan Associate Financial Consultant

    • Brokerplan Accountant Plus

    Despite the difficulties of the past year, Brokerplan has continued to grow, and even during periods of lockdown, success stories were in progress.

    Starting a Brokerplan franchise unit

    Franchising with this commercial brokerage will offer you the opportunity to train, work and succeed as a commercial finance specialist. Brokerplan gives you the chance to launch your own career with the support and reassurance of an established and thriving franchise on your side. 

    Becoming a Brokerplan franchisee

    While Brokerplan requires no prior experience or qualifications related to finance, to work with this business you’ll need to be:

    • Enthusiastic 

    • Driven 

    • Determined to build a sustainable business 

    • Willing to work hard

    • A quick learner 

    If you can confidently tick each requirement off, it’s likely that you’ll be an ideal Brokerplan franchisee. If you want to dip your toes in the water before making any decisions, the franchise offers no-obligation discovery sessions to potential investors, in which you’re able to learn more about the benefits of franchising and the details of each of the franchisee packages listed above.

    Running a finance franchise is hard work, and while rewarding, it’s important you spend some time researching the best franchise for you to ensure that you make the right move for your future. Look at all your options objectively, and weigh up advantages and disadvantages.

    How much do you need to invest?

    Brokerplan investment options range from just £5,995 to £29,995, with an average revenue after two years of £150,000. Depending on whether you choose to operate as an RI (Registered Individual), an AR (Appointed Representative) or as a directly authorised business, you’ll take home between 25-100% of your fee incomes.

    For Business Owners and Partners, there’s an unrestricted territory basis. For Associate Consultants, there’s assigned territory, with the ability to generate business across the UK. 

    If you’re unable to put up the amount of money that you’d like to invest, be aware that most banks across the UK will lend new franchisees up to 70% of start-up costs. 

    What do you get for your investment?

    If you decide that you’re interested in making an investment in Brokerplan, you’ll be entitled to a huge range of training and support. This continuously successful franchise offers clients across the UK expert financial services, and it will treat you just as well. You’ll have access to:

    • A comprehensive training package - This complete package of training will help you to get up and running within just a few short weeks, telling you everything you’ll need to know.

    • A full business launch package - This package will help you to get started and get trading. The package includes many different resources, such as email addresses, business cards, a full document suite, a website, and a full partner lender directory.

    • Case tracking software - This software will enable you to keep a close track on your clients, and the work that you’re completing for them. With high quality case tracking software in operation, you won’t miss a thing. 

    • Conference call facilities - A modern and sophisticated space will give you the perfect base to hold meetings with clients and lenders.

    • Ongoing marketing and business development support - Even after launch, your franchisor and other members of the Brokerplan network will be there to offer ongoing support with marketing and business development. 

    • CPD network training - With CPD network training regularly offered, you’ll be able to keep your franchise in perfect shape.

    • Support from skilled underwriters and a case management team - The burden will never fall on you alone. Brokerplan will provide you with a supportive team, tasked with assisting you efficiently and effectively.

    Join Brokerplan today 

    Becoming a Brokerplan franchisee will provide you with professional satisfaction, flexibility and financial independence. You’ll be able to get on with the job, knowing that you’re well supported every step of the way.

    Running your own business can be a daunting prospect, but franchising offers you the security of a succeeding, pre-established brand to build upon. If you’re interested in a career in franchising, but you’re not sure the finance sector is right for you, take some time to browse Point Franchise’s full UK franchise directory for suitable investment opportunities across the country.

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