The Massage Company chats with franchisee as his branch approaches the two-year mark

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Sunny was pushed into the franchise’s welcoming arms by an unfortunate redundancy situation. But sitting down with the spa franchise nearly two years on, he’s extremely glad that he made the moves he did.

The Massage Company was a silver lining for Sunny in a difficult time, and in many ways, he’s thankful for his redundancy because it led him to the spa franchise. In Sunny’s words, “The redundancy was the kick I needed. I started looking at different business concepts and came across franchising, then The Massage Company. I really liked the brand and what it represented.”

After Sunny reached out and began the enquiry process, “The Massage Company introduced [him] to a few estate agents and [they] looked at a number of properties.” He was then fully trained on all aspects of the business - training he feels was delivered to an extremely high standard. Sunny said of it, “The training covered everything from the recruitment of staff to systems and processes, and it’s been great.”

Sunny also shared that, “There are dedicated teams in the national franchise group who support training for our therapists, front-of-house, and for me as a franchise owner, and there are people I can link in with when I want any guidance or support. Even in between the lockdowns the demand has been there because of the product we offer and the quality of the massage we deliver.”

This year, Sunny is pleased to report that his franchise of The Massage Company has been “very busy” since reopening back in April 2021. He said, “We’ve got a very good core base of customers who come typically once a month and we also attract between 250 and 300 new customers every month.”

Every day is different for the former call centre manager, and he has plans to keep growing and developing his business in the future. He concluded the interview by saying, “My plan always was to grow within the brand and build more centres. Right now, we’re at a stage where we’re on a good trajectory in terms of building our customer base and our members. The business is about to hit its two-year mark, and our focus is to get it where it needs to be in terms of profitability and get the team settled and then see what next year brings.” Find out more about starting a journey of your own with The Massage Company via its profile page, linked above.

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