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The Massage Company links together the well-proven concept of a membership based business, as seen in most gym and fitness club models, with the growing awareness of the benefits of massage

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Even when the doors of the spa franchise were shut during periods of COVID disruption, customers remained loyal and returned when they could - here’s why, according to The Massage Company.

Like most businesses, this growing spa franchise was hit during the pandemic, forced to close its doors for several extended periods and forced to lose a great deal of business as a result. But The Massage Company reports that during this time, it “managed to keep its loyal customers”, “put its prices up” and emerged “even more profitable than before” at the end of 2021.

In the words of Charlie Thompson, Founder and Managing Director of The Massage Company, “The beauty of our business is we have a combination of the monthly membership model which provides cashflow up-front for the franchisees, plus a lot of customer loyalty. That mix proved incredibly resilient during lockdown, and we were able to communicate very quickly with our members. We effectively stopped people from cancelling their memberships, and they wanted us to be back in business at the end of it.”

Then, said Charlie, “When we reopened, the experience was broadly what our clients expected and had been paying for before, so there was very little inconvenience other than they had to wear a face-covering when they came to Reception. They came back quickly and thought ‘This is great. This is what I remember from before, I’m in for more of this. People who missed out on their therapeutic massages during the shutdown still had credits to use up, and they not only had more time to relax but wanted a massage even more than before. So they came to us for longer each time and more often. We were building a new habit, and our monthly member engagement has been transformed massively.”

On top of this, 250 new members are being attracted to The Massage Company centres around the UK each month, meaning that franchisees are experiencing even more profit from existing customers and new, and much sooner than expected. If you’re interested in starting your own successful franchise within this resilient, thriving network, you can find out more via The Massage Company’s profile page, which is linked above.

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