Massage Company franchise

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Massage Company franchise

High-Quality Massage to the Mainstream

The Massage Company links together the well-proven concept of a membership based business, as seen in most gym and fitness club models, with the growing awareness of the benefits of massage

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About Massage Company

Combining the best of CARE and GYM franchises

Mainstream massage | Membership model | Multi-centre | Massive demand

c. £250K investment per centre

Change lives and make a REAL difference to thousands of people through your own chain of mainstream massage centres. This is a revolutionary care and wellness membership-based business model, developed and proven here in the UK – and there’s more demand than we can keep up with!

Business Model

Care and gyms are highly in demand sectors and our business model combines the best elements of both in an emerging market segment – mainstream massage. The highlights of the model are:

Operate or Invest

The approach of our franchisees varies depending on their situation. Some are empire builders with large multi-sector business portfolios, whilst some enjoy personally meeting and greeting customers and managing the therapists. We have two routes into the franchise: an ‘Owner Investor’ is hands-off, contracting our support team to manage their centres, and an ‘Owner Operator’ who runs their own centres.

Owner Operator 

Grow your own mainstream massage business caring for thousands of people

Invest from £250K (+ bank funding)

“We wanted a business that would, once established, provide a steady income whilst balancing with a healthy home life, cutting out the commute. It requires a lot of time and energy to get it right initially, but once established will allow for a much better balance and is hugely rewarding to see the benefits that we can bring to the community." 

Mark & Rachel Coldham, High Wycombe

Owner Investor 

Add a number of lucrative mainstream massage centres to your business portfolio

Invest from £250K per centre (+ bank funding)

“I’ve contracted Charlie and the team to manage the daily operations of my TMC business so I can focus on my other ventures. I trust their experience and judgement and it still lets me have regular management reviews. It’s great to know we are all focused in growing a successful business.”

Taran Bassi, Tunbridge Wells

Massage for the Mass Market

Elliot (co-founder) grew a multi-million pound business that was bought by a FTSE 100 firm prior to developing and proving The Massage Company with business partner Charlie.

“In the UK we’ve an established luxury market served by hotels and spas, and then there are a few local independents and some freelancers. Mainstream massage is a new market where you will enjoy almost zero direct competition, and as for demand, well franchisees can’t keep up where they have opened centres so far…”

The UK has an aspirational population who seek affordable regular pampering and value the kudos of membership. Care and wellness is becoming more and more foundational in our culture. There are many people of all ages living with symptoms that cause ongoing physical pain which massage can often alleviate. Regular massage is a pleasurable experience with therapeutic benefits that results in superior average membership retention periods compared with gyms and other subscription-style business models.

Investment & Returns

How much you invest, your speed of roll-out and your intended operational structure all affect your returns. A centre typically reaches breakeven within 18-24 operational months following launch. Here are some desktop examples based on proven results.

Example: single-centre statistics for an ‘Owner Operator’

Invest £250K

+ 50% bank funding, total initial investment c.£500K (bank funding is subject to status)

Net profit c. £220K+ p.a.

c.1500 members EBITDA of c. 20%-24% (once your centreis established)

Sale value c.£1M

projected for successful established centres (assumes 4 x adjusted EBITDA + typical assets)

Example: four-centre (multi-centre) statistics for an ‘Owner Investor’

Invest £1M+

£500K initial investment per centre, with up to 50% bank funding available (bank funding is subject to status)

Net profit £800K+ p.a.

c. 6,000+ members delivering a projected EBITDA of c.20-24% (once your centres are established)

Sale value c.£4M

projected for four successful established centres (assumes 4 x adjusted EBITDA)

Please note that these figures are projections based on centres operating in the UK currently and are not a guarantee of future performance.

Prime Territories Available

With more suitable property becoming available, rents tumbling and increased availability of great staff, now is the perfect time to explore The Massage Company franchise offering.

Contact us now to discover more about how you could benefit from our first mover advantage.

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