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25/12/2018 16:00 | Business & B2B Services

Sandler Training has been explaining how adaptability can be the key to professional success.

Business training franchise Sandler Training has been outlining how adaptability is an important yet neglected part of any professionals skill set.

In an article for The Telegraph, which discussed how adaptability is the hidden key to a successful career, Sandler Trainings CEO Shaun Thompson added his expert opinion to the piece.

The world is changing quickly, particularly in regards to the technology we all come across in our workplaces and homes, and Thompson explained how those who arent able to adapt will quickly find themselves left behind. He suggested that part of the reason employees are not as adaptable as they should be is that their superiors are disinclined to take the risks needed for them to grow as skilled professionals.

Managers also need to be trained to allow their employees the freedom to experiment with approaches and take on jobs that they may not feel entirely ready for. Ultimately, adaptability boils down to employees that have been empowered to make their own decisions and be held accountable for them. Managers have to be trained to give permission to employees to make decisions, including the permission to fail.

He also warns against smothering talent by micromanaging every aspect of your teams workday, encouraging managers to let their employees work things out for themselves even if they arent always successful.

With more than 250 offices across the globe, Sandler Training is one of the worlds largest business training franchises in the world. Its innovative training methods, which were developed and pioneered by founder David Sandler in the late 60s, have stood the test of time and form the basis of the franchises successful business model that achieves proven results for its clients and healthy returns for its franchisees.

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