Mostro Pizza partners with Jiffy Trucks to deliver and cook pizzas for customers

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Using the Isuzu Jiffy Banquet, a 3.5 tonne specialist truck, the pizza chain is now able to provide customers with perfect pizza, delivered and cooked on the doorstep.

Mostro Pizza is changing the future of the takeaway industry, working with specialist catering vehicle producers Jiffy Trucks to not just deliver pizzas to homes in the south east of England, but to cook them on site. The man behind this innovative collaboration is none other than the pizza franchise’s Managing Director, Lee Putner.

Lee discussed the partnership recently, and explained that, “The concept of preparing and cooking customer’s pizza orders for them actually on their driveway came about as a result of the first lockdown 12 months ago as we looked for ways to expand our business activities under the restrictions placed by the government. The initial prototype vehicle worked really well and as a result of the customer reaction we are now looking to expand through a nationwide franchise operation.”

This operation, which you can invest in for a minimum of £85,000, will “be based on the Isuzu Jiffy Banquet 3.5 tonne truck as it ideally meets the challenging operating requirements” for the unique form of delivery offered by Mostro Pizza. Working closely together, Mostro Pizza, Jiffy Trucks and Isuzu were able to produce a bespoke unit capable of cooking fresh food from the customer’s driveway, and in Lee’s words, “We now have a truck which has a refrigerated storage area, a frozen section, a proving area and a gas-powered stone baked oven operating at very high temperatures that will cook three pizzas in 90 seconds.”

If you’re interested in franchising with Mostro Pizza as the company continues its expansion and delivers its unique business model to the wider country, you can choose from two different franchise models: The One Truck Model (a franchise fee of £20,000, with a package fee of £65,000) and the Three Truck Model (a franchise fee of £40,000, with a package fee per truck of £65,000). Find out more via the franchise’s profile page, which is linked above.

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