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The world’s first takeaway that cooks your food right outside your door. Mostro Pizza is the future of takeaway, they deliver the freshest, hottest, and most authentic pizza.

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From December 9th through to tonight, the pizza franchise has been celebrating the festive season by giving away a different delicious item to its customers every day.

In the words of Mostro Pizza on the first night of the pizza franchise’s answer to the 12 Days of Christmas, “Everyday from today until Christmas Eve, we'll be giving something delicious away to our customers with every order..... for free. Tonight’s delicious treat is our signature Garlic and Rosemary bread, which will be prepped and cooked fresh for you to enjoy with your pizzas. Check in daily to see what treats are on offer! Get your free Garlic & Rosemary bread now.”

Mostro Pizza’s special Christmas treats were available for loyal, hungry customers from Wednesday to Sunday, between 4pm and 9pm. This festive special offer is just one of many ways that the franchise is innovating in the space, engaging with its customers and changing the takeaway game. If you’re interested in working with a franchise that cooks pizza in seconds on the doorstep, you should consider becoming a Mostro Pizza franchisee.

You can make an investment in one of Mostro Pizza’s two different franchise models - the One Truck Model (a franchise fee of £20,000 and a package fee of £65,000) and the Three Truck Model (a franchise fee of £20,000 and a package fee, per truck, of £65,000). Working under the One Truck Model, “You will be serving the full Mostro Pizza menu, including our range of pizzas, salads, and gelato in your local area. Your truck will be fully fitted out with all of the equipment and utensils you will need.” The Three Truck Model is “like the One Truck Model but with more pizzas, more income and more fun”.

In return for a franchise investment with Mostro Pizza, you’ll gain a fully-kitted-out specialised vehicle and all the equipment you need (including useful technology and sales and marketing materials). You’ll also be fully trained and supported through your launch, and will then have access to ongoing training opportunities and franchisor assistance as and when these things are required. Find out more about a potential franchise investment with Mostro Pizza via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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