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Inleaf has worked its green magic at the Tilemaster Adhesives head office in Leyland, Lancashire.

The B2B franchise’s creative decorators were tasked with adding some greenery the newly refurbished space. While the company was very happy with the standard of the grey and white makeover, it believed the bright, neutral rooms were lacking something.

Just before lockdown, Tilemaster’s staff were asked about the types of plants they’d like to see around the office on their return. As soon as it was safe to do so, Inleaf set to work installing its chosen greenery. Innovative solutions were found for areas that weren’t spacious enough for traditional potted plants. The franchise explained:

“Along the grey painted corridor that leads from the top of the stairs to the offices, we installed moss frames of different sizes to make the area less clinical. In a space that was too narrow to accommodate floor standing plants, the slim moss frames were an ideal choice. They also have no need for natural light or maintenance, other than a quick dusting.”

Inleaf also made sure to match the new colour scheme by placing its leafy new additions in chic matte white and grey planters. Its designers also injected a bit of colour into the manager’s office with a bright orange planter and orange-tipped plant to match.

The franchise listened to its client’s wishes carefully throughout the process. After spotting some striking Ficus Lyrata on its website, Tilemaster asked for the on-trend plants to be installed in its meeting rooms. A variety of sizes and shapes were chosen for the rest of the greenery, including tall Howea palms, potted preserved reindeer moss and Sansevieria plants to form partitions in large rooms.

Inleaf added:

“The client was pleased with the installation, particularly as it was ready for staff returning to work at the Leyland offices after lockdown. We hope to be able to assist with another installation at their second site.”

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