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Inleaf Improving Indoor Spaces with Plants

Target six-figure year-two sales providing premium interior plant displays to businesses and high-end residential clients with an Inleaf franchise. With our support you'll help your clients make their spaces healthier, more attractive and productive with maintained plants.

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When Inleaf was asked to create a plant installation for space sector recruiters EVONA, it set to work developing a design with maximum impact. 

The B2B franchise knew its latest project would involve creating a design with a striking, modern look. Bristol-based business EVONA is just a few years old but has already seen success in its sector. It wanted to enhance its offices with a plant installation that not only looked great, but had the potential to boost employees’ wellbeing too. 

Inleaf started by placing a bespoke 1.9 metre matt black trough filled with Sansevieria Zeylanica plants at the office’s entrance for immediate visual impact. For the boardroom, a large living wall helped bring the natural world in and break up the minimalist design of the space. Once installed, it measured 192cm by 72cm, so it’s an impressive focal point. 

Throughout the main office and kitchen area, Inleaf’s team of installation professionals added greenery on top of desks and cupboards. The loose, leafy Scindapsus Aureum, more compact Peperomia Angulata Rocca Scuro and fern-like Asparagus Plumosus plants helped add character and colour to the workspace. 

Inleaf even went as far as to match EVONA’s branding with its plant choices, incorporating spiky, blue-tipped Sansevieria and fuzzy Asparagus Plumosus plants. And every piece of desktop and floor greenery was potted in a matt black container to reflect the office’s neutral colour scheme. 

The real showstopper was Inleaf’s moss wall, which evokes the craters of the moon. The franchise collaborated with EVONA’s signage firm to achieve the striking effect of the illuminated company branding shining through the moss. 

EVONA doesn’t even have to worry about maintaining its new installation, as every plant has a self-watering system to keep it looking fresh. Head to Inleaf’s franchise profile page to find out more about its business opportunity. 

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