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Inleaf franchise

Better Plants for a Better Office

Target six-figure year-two sales providing premium interior plant displays to businesses and high-end residential clients with an Inleaf franchise. With our support you'll help your clients make their spaces healthier, more attractive and productive with maintained plants.

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8,700 +VAT

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Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    Invoicing fee of 1.5% after first year
  • Advertising fee:
    1% after first year
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

About Inleaf

Target a six-figure turnover with an Inleaf franchise

Did you know, there is a key thing which separates most average business from the great ones

A "secret sauce" which veteran businesspeople know to look for when considering opportunities (and it should be high on your list when considering a franchise too).

Most businesses don't have it, but it's a fundamental part of Inleaf. Its what helps our franchisees generate real value in their businesses and generate consistent year-on-year growth.

To help explain what it is, let me tell you about what we do...

We design and install living plants into business spaces (offices, hotels, restaurants, and showrooms) to make them healthier and more attractive.

Take a look at the pictures on this page for examples of our installation these are all scheme that we have designed and installed for our clients.

Our service is in demand because businesses are increasingly investing into their workplaces to help attract and retain the best staff and create an environment where they can produce their best work.

We also work with high-end residential clients too typically wealthy people that appreciate good design and service.

Our key products are:

  • Maintained living plant displays
  • Green plant walls (also called living walls)
  • Done for you designer Christmas schemes

(We also provide high-end preserved and artificial greenery for clients where the conditions dont suit living plants).

Its an enjoyable business because what we do has a huge impact on clients spaces. Its hugely rewarding when a scheme is installed and looking great.

No two projects are the same and theres lots of opportunity to add your own stamp on individual projects to deliver a fantastic result.

But whats the Secret Sauce?

Thats all great, but how does this create the secret sauce I mentioned before, I hear you ask?

The answer is recurring contracted revenue.

Most of our clients dont just want us to install their plants and then walk away, they want or rather NEED us to maintain them on an ongoing basis.

Almost all (over 95%) of our office plant clients sign two- or three-year contract for rental of the displays and ongoing maintenance and we then invoice this each quarter. This means you have predictable revenue coming into your business year-on-year.

This recurring revenue is hugely powerful as it means that as your Inleaf business grows you continue to work with clients that you signed-up years before. So much so that weve seen consistent 30%+ year on year growth at our HQ territory since we started in 2014.

Heres how it translates into target sales for your Inleaf franchise business over the first five years.

This is obviously not a guarantee of how your business will perform, but it is based on reasonable assumptions, growth of our own Inleaf business and the opportunities available in your territory. Most of all, your results will depend on the amount of drive and effort you bring to your business.

This recurring revenue helps you sleep at night. You can enjoy growing your business in steady increments and stable income, unlike more transactional businesses where you have to keep making sales just to stand still, and where a bad quarter can knock out your profit for the year.

Youll have contract cancellations, of course, but if you provide a good service and the displays continue to look good then clients tend stick with you even once the initial contract period has passed.

Whats more, as you lease the displays to your clients, they can be reconditioned and used elsewhere if theyre removed at the end of a contract.

Not a grudge purchase

Unless many other recurring revenue businesses ours is not a grudge purchase. Things like office cleaning or other maintenance services provide recurring revenue, but are often reluctantly purchases. With clients looking to save costs or cut corners where they can.

With Inleaf its different.

Our prices are competitive, but there are also lots of opportunity to add value with excellent design and product knowledge which takes the emphasis away from lowest price wins to best value wins.

Clients appreciate the expertise and want to work with you to get the right result.

Plus, we have lucrative one-off projects too

The recurring revenue projects are great, but the beauty of the Inleaf business is that we have lucrative one-off sales too. These can be anything from less than a thousand pounds, to tens of thousands of pounds or more.
They provide a great boost along side the recurring revenue which builds each year. Its the best of both worlds.

What does it look like in practice?

Here are some examples of real-life contracts which we and our franchisees have won in the last few months:

  • Large office plant scheme at IT companys HQ at £8,840 per year for three years
  • Moss wall installation at around £8,000 one-off for a feature office wall
  • First phase of a living plants scheme for a hotel reception at £1,388 per year
  • Christmas scheme for international software company at £21K per year over three years
  • Simple office planting scheme at £850 per year for two years
  • Installation of a living wall at a high-end residence at £3,900, plus ongoing maintenance

(Please note the contract lengths are the minimum term, the agreements continue until cancelled.)

One of our franchisees recently won a large contract to install plants and green walls at a large Amazon office, all within the first six months of trading.

What does the franchise include?


Whats the required investment?

The franchise package is currently £22,750+VAT which includes everything you need to get going, plus youll need around £20,000 of working capital (exact figure depends on your circumstances) to support you as your business grows.

How do I learn more?

Request our prospectus and well send you more information about how the business works the next steps. Theres no hard sell and it costs nothing to learn more.
Were looking forward to hearing from you.

Examples of Inleaf projects



The ideal Inleaf franchisee

What were looking for

You dont need to be a horticultural genius to join us (we can teach you everything you need to know about plants). Clearly an interest in plants and design is important, but positivity, drive and enthusiasm are the main criteria. A professional or sales background is beneficial but full training is provided.

Inleaf's history

Whos behind Inleaf?

Inleaf was formed in 2014 by husband and wife Charlotte and Daniel Atherton. Charlotte has a background in design and horticulture and brings the plant knowledge and creative direction to the business. Meanwhile Daniels background in marketing and business means Inleaf has world-class marketing and systems which make the business work.

As a franchisee youll tap into Charlotte, Daniel and the teams expertise with excellent training, product support and ongoing mentoring. Were looking forward to working with you to get your business up and running.

Case studies

Faneau van Niekerk, who acquired his Inleaf franchise at the end of 2019 and covers the south west, recently undertook a bespoke reindeer moss green wall installation for the Battersea Power Station in London. The support he has received from the Inleaf head office since launch has been crucial to his early success.

The Inleaf head office team couldnt be any more understanding. Theyre always on hand to supply great answers and solutions to any queries that I may have. For the recent installation I undertook for the Battersea Power Station, Dan assisted with creating a bespoke frame to ensure the installation would fit seamlessly onto the clients wall, this type of support from the franchisor is INVALUABLE.

Franchisees with Inleaf can expect to generate in excess of £3,000 profit on projects like the one undertaken by Faneau for the Battersea Power Station.