New Dunkin Donuts Franchise In The US Drops The Donuts

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21/01/2018 18:00 | Food

A new Dunkin Donuts franchise in the US opens its Donut-less Dunkin Donuts store.

Dunkin Donuts is testing the waters with a rebranding initiative taking place in some of the companys stores. The first Dunkin Donuts to drop Donuts from its name was in a store opened in Pasadena, California last year and this year, a second Dunkin store to test the shorter name opens in Quincy, Massachusetts. Far from going donut-less, the new rebranding is the next generation Dunkin, a brand already famous for making its delicious signature doughnuts so why not just call it Dunkin?

The franchise restaurant will continue to serve the fried treats they have been making since its founding days in Quincy back in 1950. The shorter name is part of a global rebranding initiative that started with the first franchise to drop Donuts from its name in Pasadena, California. The Canton, Massachusetts-based company has been using the shorter version name in advertisements for years now and plans on sticking with it. The Patriot Ledger reports the Quincy franchise plans on piloting other innovative concepts that includes high-tech drive-thru lanes.

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