A flurry of awards for home care network amid a surge in care demand

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A flurry of awards for home care network amid a surge in care demand


While responding to a rise in client enquiries, Radfield Home Care has claimed an array of awards, recognising quality care and franchising opportunities to join the care family.


Radfield Home Care, with a focus on care quality and supporting Care Professionals, has met home care demand while recruiting and retaining outstanding care teams.

The home care sector is continually rising with the advent of a growing elderly population.

Fortune Business Insights forecast the UK home healthcare to compound grow yearly by 6.4% hitting 1.55 billion pounds by 2026. The reasons - amongst more seniors - are attributed to the rising economic burden on the NHS (especially after the toll from the Covid-19 pandemic), while more prudent medical methods are advancing our average lifespan. In short, UK home care is one of the most rewarding and highest performing franchise sectors to enter! 



James Beech, owner & Director of Radfield Home Care Stamford, Peterborough & Rutland said:

“We've supported individuals, we’ve enabled people to get jobs and we’ve developed a great reputation in the local area, so all of that is new and wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t started our business with Radfield.”


As a network, Radfield Home Care entered three categories at the Home Care Awards and came away with wins in all 3.

  1. Radfield Home Care Wakefield & Dewsbury won in the “Best response to Coronavirus pandemic” category.
  2. Radfield Home Care was highly commended in the “Best Home Care group or franchise network” category.
  3. Radfield Home Care Stamford, Peterborough & Rutland were recognised in the “Best start-up home care service or new franchise” category.



These three triumphs are testament to the quality of the service provided by Radfield. And why Radfield is one of Elite Franchise Top 100 four years in a row and is the reason Radfield is one of our five recommended home care franchises to invest into.




Radfield Home Care is no stranger to awards, as the home care network was also recently awarded Top 20 status in the Homecare.co.uk group awards 2022, based on client reviews. Regionally, the Peterborough, Bexhill, Havering, and Shrewsbury Radfield Home Care offices, were also placed within the top 20 for their areas. All in all, this is the fifth year in a row that Radfield Home Care is a Top 20 home care group.


With £95,000 total investment and available funding support, 1% excl. VAT advertising fee and 5% excl. VAT Royalty fee, with a national support team that is eager to help you with care compliance, client acquisition and marketing, business development, and more!




As the daughter of a client in Shrewsbury said: “When my mum came out of hospital after her stroke I wanted to find carers who would look after her in her own home, help her to feel safe and supported, and treat her like a person, not a patient. Radfield has given her all this and more.”


Or as co-founder and owner, Dr Hannah MacKechnie said:


“We are delighted that the work of our National Office team and Franchise Partners is still being recognised, showing that we are at the top of our game, in offering exceptional care to those who need it. Continuing, “[o]ur aim is to ‘help the nation age well & remain connected to what matters most to them’. These awards are a clear and touching message that our dedication is paying off and that we are directly improving people’s lives in communities across the country. We are helping people to be themselves and retain their sense of identity, we are helping people be inspired to do what they love, and most importantly, we are helping people to be connected to the things that are important in their lives.”




If you are looking to build your own sustainable business where you can make a real difference in your local community, then Radfield Home Care could be right for you. Simply, fill out this form, and we will contact you personally.

Alternatively, discover what Radfield Home Care states are the pros of franchising.

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