Elderly Home Care Franchise Opportunities in the UK

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elderly home care franchise

We all want to make sure that our loved ones are looked after in their old age. And while residential care homes can be the best and safest option for those who have complex health conditions like dementia, there are also plenty of alternatives that allow our elderly relatives to stay in the homes they love while getting the care they need. Often, the idea of moving into a care home and losing all sense of independence can be off-putting to older people, yet they might find that they cant manage everything that they used to. Whether your relative needs a hand with the weekly shop and getting out of bed in the morning, or simply a bit of company around the house, there are plenty of franchises that provide compassionate, professional home care services.

And if youre someone whos interested in making a real difference to your local community by becoming a franchisee for one of the many care companies across the UK, there are plenty of options to choose from. From franchises that provide constant support for months at a time, to innovative companies that see older folks in need of a helping hand matched with friendly companions of a similar age, theres something to suit every entrepreneur looking for their next challenge.

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Elderly home care services

There are lots of different types of elderly home care providers. If youre looking to begin your franchising journey with a home care provider, theres a wide range of companies to choose from, depending on whether ethical practice, financial returns or the uniqueness of the opportunity are at the top of your list, as well as the type of care youd like to bring to your local community.

If a franchise that prioritises the wellbeing of both its clients and staff sounds most appealing to you, Radfield Home Care could be the perfect match. Its the only healthcare organisation in the UK to achieve certified B-Corporation status, thanks to its strong, value-based business model, and runs a Caring for Carers rewards programme to thank its dedicated staff for their incredible work. Those looking to join the franchise wont need any previous experience in the care sector, as comprehensive training will be provided for all.

However, if connecting older people in need with active seniors who want to lend a hand sounds like your thing, Seniors Helping Seniors might be the franchise for you. The innovative franchise was launched in 1998 and allows those who want to stay at home and be helped by a like-minded senior benefit from help and companionship. By allowing retired people to access assistance from their peers, they may find someone who understands them better than a younger carer, as well as quality care and assistance.

Cost of in-home care for the elderly

In-home care for the elderly can often be a cheaper and preferable option to residential care. Its estimated that residential care can cost between £29,000 and £39,000 per year, depending on where you live in the UK, compared to around £11,000 annually for home care (based on around 14 hours of care per week, or two hours per day). With home care, youll be able to schedule care visits that fit in with your relatives life and needs, meaning theyll be able to visit as often or infrequently as theyd like.

If you or your loved one need 24/7 care and youd prefer to receive it in the comfort of your own home, the cost can often exceed £150,000. However, if its something that youre lucky enough to be able to afford, it can have a positive effect on the person being cared for, as theyre able to retain their independence and remain in their own home.

Franchises like Promedica24 offer comprehensive 24/7 care for elderly and disabled people. Its services range from companionship, basic daily tasks and helping with personal care, to assistance for those with complex health needs. Promedica24 already has more than 100 franchisees across Europe and is looking to recruit new franchisees across the UK to expand even further.

Elderly home care jobs

The care sector employs millions of people across the UK and is constantly on the lookout for compassionate individuals who genuinely want to make a difference to the elderly and disableds lives.

The franchise Home Instead has gone one step further in its quest to find the best individuals to help deliver care across its 190 UK franchises. It has launched an annual You Can Care week, which celebrates those who deliver exceptional care across the franchise and encourages people to consider a career in care. Backed by MP Caroline Dinenage, who is the current Minister of State for Care, the awareness campaign has also been launched online and its hoped that 2019s You Can Care week can match the success of last years, which saw 5,500 new caregivers join the franchise.

Home Instead is still looking for new franchisees to join its incredibly successful international network, and with an estimated £2million revenue after just two years for those who are willing to put in the work, its a business opportunity thats financially and morally rewarding.

Home care for the elderly in their own homes

Point Franchise has lots of elderly care opportunities to suit every aspiring franchisees budget, requirements and desired level of commitment. From the award-winning Right At Home, which currently holds the title of most highly recommended national care agency in the UK on homecare.co.uk, to Heritage Healthcare, that began as a family business and expanded into a nationwide franchise, providing everything from 30 minute visits to full-time live-in care, theres something to suit everyone.

And with the UKs elderly population only set to increase in the years to come, there has never been a better time for you to join the home care industry. This sector not only has plenty of potential for healthy returns on your investments, but is also associated with highly rewarding work, offering the chance to truly make a difference to those who need your support.

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