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FASTSIGNS franchise

Make Your Statement.

With signs and graphics, you can say anything, do anything and be anything! Become a franchisee today.

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FASTSIGNS is a global leader in the franchised signs and graphics industry, with over 765 centres operating worldwide. Offering a proven route to successful business ownership. In an industry that is driven by technology and creativity, to exceed an annual turnover of £ 1 million.

FastSigns Franchise About Exterior

A FASTSIGNS franchisee helps businesses,that can operate in any industry, to make their statement through the use of signs and graphics. Whether that business needs exterior building signs, signs to direct and inform, signs to decorate, signs to theme an event or signs to promote - signage is always in demand.

Training and support provided

With a dedicated, UK-based support team and a US-based Head Office, the business support received is at the core of our promise to our franchisee network.

With world-leading industry experts at the helm of the business, you can have confidence that your own journey will be nurtured as your business grows.

Comprehensive Training Delivered

We know that signage looks technical, and we can’t deny that it is, but we have comprehensive training methods to help ensure that our franchisees are on the path to becoming experts when they open the doors to their franchise for business. Our franchisees receive:

FastSigns Franchise Training HR
  • 2 weeks of Foundations Training at our Dallas Head Office
  • 1 Week in a UK centre with their mentor
  • 1 Week, Centre-based Business Consultant training, visit pre-launch
  • 24/7 Access to FASTSIGNS University
  • Gamification Mobile Access Training
  • A robust programme of ongoing training events, in sales, marketing, substrates and more
  • Annual visits from US-based industry experts
  • 2 Convention event opportunities, per annum
FastSigns Franchise Business Management
Business Management

Our team of dedicated Business Consultants, work with you to develop your business plan and help you manage your objectives against it for success. We are also able to help you access HR support, accounting support, technical expertise and much more.

With a brand new strapline ‘Make Your Statement’, a new brand positioning, and a new website, connected to technology that can attribute ROI to your marketing activities, marketing is at the centre of what we do. With consistent ‘On Your Behalf’ marketing activity and local marketing support, we’ll help you ensure that your business is as visible as possible.


The ideal FASTSIGNS franchisee

FastSigns Franchise Business Ideal Franchisee HR

Believe it or not, our franchisees very rarely join us with any previous signage experience! All we require from our franchisees is that you’re organised, business-minded and can communicate effectively with your customers.
As our franchise opportunity is predominantly a management opportunity, depending on your experience, skills and likes, we can build your team around you! If you are a great manager, we’ll build a team of sales, design and production around you. Likewise, if you’re a creative designer, we’ll recruit management skills, sales experience and production expertise.


FASTSIGNS' history

FASTSIGNS first launched in Dallas, Texas in 1985, reaching the UK in 1994 and expanding into 8 other countries over the past 37 years. Over this time, FASTSIGNS has helped our franchisees build businesses that facilitate their lifestyle, allowing them to build a career that complements their skills.

To do this, FASTSIGNS continuously strives to bring cutting-edge signage technology coupled with business strategy to help our top centres consistently achieve sales in excess of £ 1 million (UK).

Our brand has won countless international franchise industry awards and, specifically in the UK, we have consistently been awarded 5-star satisfaction from our franchise network.

FastSigns Franchise Awards

Case studies

FastSigns Franchise Franchisees Melanie JoseMartinez AlanWhite
Melanie & Jose Martinez and Alan White - Team Members to Franchisees

As long-term employees of the FASTSIGNS Crawley centre, (and great friends outside of work) when the previous owner of the centre decided to activate his exit plan from the business in 2018, we decided that collectively, we wanted to become franchisees.

We’d all worked in the centre for over 20 years, Alan worked as lead designer, Jose managed production and I (Mel) managed sales so we already knew our stuff, and we had experienced the career longevity that the signage industry offered, but being the owner of a centre always felt like it didn’t quite fit our life plan. The security that ‘employment’ provided was attractive but when the chance to buy the centre came up, we just knew that we couldn’t miss the opportunity.

And it’s been liberating! We love being owners, we love being in control of our business and working in it, as well on it. The head office support team helped us move our mindsets from employees to owners and helped make sure that we have robust marketing activity, business planning and strategies in place to help us keep achieving.

Even through 2020 and 2021 and all of the external challenges that have been presented, we’ve grown our business by over 30% - we’ve taken on new team members and we’re extremely excited for the future!

Simon and Friederike Slee, Husband & Wife Partnership That Enables Their Lifestyle
After a redundancy opportunity was made to me (Simon) during the financial crisis in 2010, returning to my career as an investment banker was not inspiring and with Friederike’s consultative experience as a landscape architect, we wanted to find an opportunity that combined our skills. As young business professionals, who were recently married and wanted to start a family, we needed to generate an income but craft a lifestyle that also allowed us to be present as we welcomed children.

FastSigns Franchise Franchisees Simon FriederikeSlee

Working Together

FASTSIGNS was the perfect business that combined our expertise. I worked on obtaining clients through sales, while Friederike would work consultatively with them, nurturing their signage project through idea generation, production and installation. As our business grew, we developed our team, which allowed Friedrike to work part-time in the business and be around for our growing family.

The Network & Support

When we found FASTSIGNS, we liked the network support. Having a great mentor, who has now become a firm friend, helped us to get to grips with the signage industry quickly. Coupled with the tremendous support that the UK Support Team provides, our business continues to grow. We now consistently hit sales of £850,000+ and we’re aiming to exceed £1 million in the next year or so. We’d have achieved this sooner, had the pandemic not hit, but the support we were offered through this time was vital and helped us prepare for great things as we enter 2023.

FastSigns Franchise Franchisees Laide TundeSodipo
Laide & Tunde Sodipo - 12 Months in Business

I was working overseas (Tunde and with Laide at home in England, it was hard to strike the right work-life balance. After receiving an opportunity for a redundancy package, I jumped at the chance to be at home, although I still felt the pull of wanting to work. That's how we found franchising and FASTSIGNS. Being complete sign novices, we were definitely nervous but we had help at every turn!

From obtaining finance for purchasing the centre to preparing it for launch, even booking flights to our training in Dallas help was readily available. When we started talking with clients and required assistance through our first projects and installations, we only had to pick up the phone to our business consultant or our mentor. Help was always on hand. With every job completed, we grew with confidence. In March 2023, we’re just short of being 12 months in business but we know we’re on the right path.

We are actively growing our centre through dedicated marketing, sales and production processes, learning something new every day but we find that this makes every day exciting! As we grow, we’ll continue to bolster our workforce with additional team members and we’ll continue to make measured development under the guidance of the FASTSIGNS franchise model.The best part about our new reality is that we are living together, working together and building a great foundation for our future.


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