Enable businesses to go green with sustainable and innovative FASTSIGNS solutions

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Enable businesses to go green with sustainable and innovative FASTSIGNS solutions


Love making signs, but also want to do your bit for the environment? Now you can, with your own FASTSIGNS franchise


Ok, so you may not have thought cutting-edge signage manufacturing is your life’s calling as we do here at FASTSIGNS. However, we’re sure you are just as keen as we are to enjoy all the benefits of running a successful business, which is helping to reduce its impact on the environment.


Climate change has never been as hot a topic as it is today. With world events such as COP26, and the government’s new ‘Together for our Planet’ campaign, environmental issues are higher up the agenda for businesses than they have ever been. Both customers and investors are as interested in a company’s environmental commitment and responsibilities as they are in services and products.


But how can you help your customers, and yourself, achieve a greener future, while still being able to grow, adapt and seize new opportunities?


A sustainable business

We’ve been working hard for many years to improve FASTSIGNS’ sustainable practices, such as increasing the number of renewable resources we use, and ensuring as many of our products as possible are recyclable or reusable. We’re also among the first to have pioneered UV curable print technology and eco-solvent inks, which release less waste into the air and promote a cleaner environment – but it doesn’t stop there.  

FASTSIGNS has always been all about helping businesses achieve their goals; helping them create a more environmentally friendly way of working is no exception. This is why we’re leading the way in offering a whole new strategy: digital signage.


Digital slowly becoming as popular as print 

Digital display boards have been around for a while, but in recent years they’ve enjoyed a huge surge in popularity, and the technology has improved hugely too. At FASTSIGNS, we use the most cutting-edge techniques in all our manufacturing processes and have invested heavily in bringing digital technology to our network. By training our franchise partners in how to create and deploy state-of-the-art digital signage, we’re taking our green solutions to the next level.

The biggest advantage to using digital signs is the speed and efficiency with which content can be updated and changed, without producing new signs from scratch. This is proving to be especially appealing to customers in the wake of the pandemic, as many businesses still need to quickly and easily adapt their messaging.



Positive environmental impact

While this does mean fewer old signs going to landfills, and less energy needed for reproduction, it could be argued digital signs merely replace one use of energy and materials with another: electricity. However, modern LED displays can use as little as 10% of the power needed by older screens, and have a much longer lifespan, making them significantly more environmentally friendly over time.


By empowering our franchisees to use these advanced displays, they’re not just able to offer their customers a greener alternative, but a whole new range of practical solutions too. They’re perfect for high-traffic environments such as schools and business centres, that need adaptable wayfinding solutions, or in hospitals and clinics where important information needs to be displayed without delay.




Positive audience impact

Research has shown how digital signage in certain environments, is more effective in engaging an audience. Where traditional signage is static, the motion capabilities of digital signage are particularly effective in attracting the attention of passers-by in busy shopping areas.


A great example of this is the fantastic 55-inch screen FASTSIGNS Leeds recently installed at The West Park Hotel in Harrogate. The hotel is now able to take full advantage of its prime town centre location, by tempting customers in to enjoy its bar and restaurant, and it creates a special first impression for arriving guests. A similar installation, at the nearby Marriot, uses smaller screens in the lobby to advertise various services in the hotel. This not only informs guests about what’s on offer, but creates an immersive experience, and raises brand awareness.


The perfect strategy for our commitment to helping our customers stand out for all the right reasons!



What impact will your new business have? 

Are you ready to become an eco-pioneer in the exciting and dynamic world of digital signage? A FASTSIGNS franchise offers any forward-thinking, eco-minded, entrepreneur a fantastic opportunity to build a successful new business, while still protecting the future.


If you want to discover more about joining the FASTSIGNS, request free information from one of our experts, and start today!

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