Cleanhome franchise

Min investment
£9,995 +VAT


Cleanhome franchise


If you’re looking for a new challenge, would like to be your own boss and have the opportunity to generate a £70,000 annual profit within 3 years then Cleanhome is the business management franchise for you.

Minimum investment
£9,995 +VAT

Funding support

Total investment
£9,995 +VAT

Franchise fees

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Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
£9,995 +VAT

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About Cleanhome

Who we are

Cleanhome is one of the top leading domestic cleaning business franchises in the UK.  The brand is well established, and the business model is proven. 

Cleanhome was founded in 2007, and its leadership team has over 30 years of experience in the management of domestic cleaning businesses.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, would like to be your own boss and have the opportunity to generate a £70,000 annual profit within 3 years then Cleanhome is the business management franchise for you.

With low set up costs, flexible working options to suit your lifestyle and, most importantly the opportunity to significantly increase your income, Cleanhome is a proven success story.

Lifestyle & Opportunity 

  • The business provides an excellent work/life balance.
  • Working low hours for high return.
  • Enabling you to achieve the lifestyle you choose.
  • The opportunity is a safe route, it’s incredibly low risk with no stock.
  • It's your business, allowing you to work anywhere and at any time. 

Financials and Growth

  • Structured to be low cost and generating high profit within the early years.
  • This is a business model that provides an easy way to earn a safe income.
  • A strong recurring revenue model, your business will be cash positive from day one.
  • The growth will be rapid, and with a high number of paying clients, your success cannot be knocked down overnight.
  • A business that has proven itself to be recession proof, and provides a large financial return with flexible working hours.
  • An opportunity to generate an annual profit of £70,000 per year within 3 years, even during a recession.


  • Cleanhome is a Cloud-based business.  We are constantly making improvements to our systems to improve our business partners’ day to day working life.
  • Technology development is on-going, with Cleanhome continually investing in current and new technology to incorporate within the business model.
  • We support our business partners by providing them with GENESYS™ our cloud based business management system, and have invested in a live on-line sign-up booking system, and extensive communication mechanisms that are both fully integrated and automated.

Launch Package

Cleanhome offers an extremely generous launch package by industry standards. Why? Because our focus is to help you hit the ground running from day one. For further details on our launch package contact us to request a copy of our prospectus.

Training and support provided

Training & Support

  • Our award winning training programme is recognised for its inspirational and unique approach.
  • The robust training will build your sales and recruitment knowledge base and will teach you how to run a successful business.  It will give you the confidence to sign up clients and cleaners from day one.
  • Our highly experienced management team will empower you to be the best you can be through ongoing training and support.
  • We provide you with a tried and tested business model and help you develop the business along the way to suit your needs and circumstances.

The ideal Cleanhome franchisee

Does this sound like you:

  • A people person
    As part of your day to day routine you will be dealing with people so you need to have good interpersonal skills.
  • Keen to learn
    You don’t need to have experience running your own business and many of our business partners don’t. You just need to be able to make the most of the business model that we’ve already put in place and follow the advice and guidance we offer.
  • Passionate
    People who are passionate about offering a great service and building a successful business will shine through to prospective clients who will trust you to do a great job for them
  • Good Listener
    Listen to your clients and cleaners, and understand that their needs and requirements may differ.
  • A team player
    Franchising works because of collaboration. If you decide to become a Cleanhome business partner, you will be tapping into a pool of existing business partners who will be able to support you.
  • A drive to succeed
    Franchising offers you a tried and tested business model to succeed and the more proactive you are the quicker your business will grow.

Cleanhome's history

Message from Karen Kelly, the Founder of Cleanhome Ltd

  • Cleanhome was borne out of my vision to create a profitable business which would allow me to achieve a better work/life balance, and earn a reliable and regular income.
  • I had previously worked as the Country Director for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in the UK and as Head of UK and Irelands Sales at Virgin Atlantic Airways where I spent ten years. Working with Richard Branson gave me the opportunity to learn how to inspire people to perform at the best of their abilities and to hone my entrepreneurial and sales skills. I really enjoyed leading the sales team at Virgin Atlantic, all of whom I had recruited and trained, so I wanted to put that knowledge and experience into a new venture of my own.
  • Why did I start a business management franchise?

After extensive research, I decided that my sales abilities, and training and recruitment experience was ideally suited to opening a business management franchise.  Domestic cleaning was, and still is a growing industry, and in 2010 I started the Thames Valley branch of Cleanhome.

Case studies

Philip & Sharon Bradley

- Cleanhome York

What made you choose Cleanhome over other franchise opportunities?

After going through several franchise opportunities we chose Cleanhome for its robust business model, the ongoing training and support by the franchisor and its custom-built operational system GENESYS™, which is exclusive to Cleanhome and handles all the operational as well as back-end administration of the business freeing up valuable time and letting you focus on growth.

What kind of support should potential business partners expect from the head office?

The head office is always on the other end of the phone, and they are very helpful whether it’s about the business plan or the day to day running of the business.

Cleanhome also encourages business partners to talk to each other through our forum, other partners can help you resolve any issues, or who can just act as a sounding board.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I would say it’s being able to reap the rewards of our hard work. We put in a lot of hours getting the business off the ground to begin with and we are now enjoying our success while maintaining a happy client base.

Gemma Raj

- Cleanhome Sittingbourne

What made you choose Cleanhome over other franchise opportunities?

It was the business model that really sold it to me. I am a salesy person and knew the earning potential of the business from the start. I had made my mind up during my first meeting with Karen and she was the one who encouraged me to take as much time as I needed before signing up and urged me to talk to other business partners.

What kind of support should potential business partners expect from the head office?

The management team has been incredibly supportive. I can always speak to them or reach out to other business partners to ask for their feedback.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I love being my own boss and working hard to grow my business, I have also enjoyed being able to be flexible with my working hours to suit my personal life.

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