Top Franchises to Start in the Post-Pandemic World

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The pandemic has had a sizeable impact on the economy, and on businesses up and down the UK. In spite of this, many in the franchising sector find themselves in a good position as restrictions lift and regulations lessen. Here are some of the top franchising opportunities available to you in the post-pandemic world.

If you’re tempted by the idea of running your own business and being your own boss, but you’re put off by the risks involved, you should start looking into franchising. As a franchisee, you’ll have all the same perks as a new business owner, but you’ll be taking far fewer risks. Following an established and proven business model, your path to profitability will be much simpler.

Franchising in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic

Though some businesses were heavily impacted by COVID-19, others continued to grow and thrive during the pandemic. Some have even been able to make up for incurred losses tenfold in the past few months thanks to increased demand. 

Making smart franchise investments during post-pandemic economic recovery will be easy for you with our top five franchise opportunities in your back pocket...

Top five franchise opportunities to consider post pandemic

1. Coffee Blue 

This van based franchise makes for a fantastic investment opportunity, as it meets the consumer's desire for efficiency. Coffee Blue officially launched its first franchise in Harrogate in 2018. Within a year, the business had 10 franchisees. Now a nationally recognised company growing at a substantial rate, Coffee Blue is a market leader, improving and elevating the light commercial vehicles sector.

To become a part of this franchise at the top of its game, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £4,495. The expected revenue of a Coffee Blue franchisee after two years is £95,000. In return for their investment, all new franchisees will receive NCASS certification, barista training, warranties, marketing support and general business guidance. No specific experience is required, but the ideal Coffee Blue franchisee would be:

  • A coffee lover with good business sense

  • Sociable, confident and good at communicating

  • Motivated, organised and ambitious

  • Committed to the franchise

2. ComputerXplorers 

Up to 8 million children are likely to lose out on six months or more of education as a result of the coronavirus crisis.
—Children’s Commissioner

Children’s education has been hugely impacted by the pandemic, with schools closing multiple times throughout the past year. As a result, teachers and parents alike are in need of extra help. ComputerXplorers is a computer tutoring franchise that delivers this help. The company focuses on delivering fun, educational computer classes to children, helping to engage them in learning and prepare them for the future. 

As the UK’s leading children’s computing franchise, ComputerXplorers creates exciting and engaging curriculums for young people, focusing on a combination of tech skills and computational thinking. To become a franchisee with ComputerXplorers, you can choose between two different options:

  • Option 1: ComputerXplorers Classic - A ComputerXplorers Classic investment gives you an exclusive area of operations, including a minimum of 150 primary schools and 150 nurseries and preschools within your territory. This investment option costs £14,950.

  • Option 2: ComputerXplorers Enhanced - This investment option costs £29,500, and comes with an exclusive area of operations which is double the size, including a minimum of 300 primary schools and 300 nurseries and preschools.

3. SportsCool 

Like ComputerXplorers, SportsCool is kid-focused, aiming to motivate and encourage the younger generation to participate in exercise. This is particularly important and in-demand after so long spent inside, with no access to group exercise sessions, during the pandemic. The sports franchise is continually welcoming new franchisees, and as the current market leader in its field, works with over 400 schools across the UK.

To become a franchisee with SportsCool, you’ll need to make a total investment of £24,995, with your expected revenue after two years sitting at around £190,000. In return for your investment, you’ll receive extensive training and ongoing support. Though no prior experience is necessary, SportsCool’s ideal franchisee would be:

  • Passionate about working with children and developing physical activity in schools

  • An outgoing person with a can-do attitude

  • Hard-working, with a strong desire to succeed

  • Willing to have fun and enjoy the job

  • Willing to follow an established and successful business model

4. Snack Aid 

Over the course of the pandemic, one in three people, or 33%, have given more to charity,  while 44% of people now feel more inclined to engage in charitable acts [DKMS]. If charity is your focus when investing in a franchise, take a look at Snack Aid

Snack Aid is a sweets franchise that specialises in producing confectionary-filled vending machines, from which the profits of sales go directly to the franchise’s partner charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Snack Aid’s focus is on providing financial assistance to charities through fundraising, financial pledges and snacks. The business wants to make the lives of children across the world a little brighter. To franchise with Snack Aid, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £2,555. In return for your investment, you’ll receive all the training and support that you need to succeed.

5. Wagging Tails 

Since the start of the pandemic, 3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a pet [Pet Food Manufacturers Association]. As many return to working in the office after a long while at home, the demand for pet care services is only going to continue to rise, making it a great time to invest in a company like Wagging Tails.

The pet franchise, founded in 2007, is one of the leading dog boarding service providers in the UK. Having won several awards, including two consecutive Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF) Franchise of the Year awards, Wagging Tails is in high demand, and currently has 20 outlets up and running across the country, with more on the way.

To run your own Wagging Tails franchise, offering exclusive home boarding services to good boys and girls across the UK, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £4,495. After two years, your expected revenue as a franchisee is £40,000. Though no prior experience is necessary for the role, the ideal Wagging Tails franchisee would be:

  • A dog lover 

  • A communicative people person who can offer first class customer service

  • Highly motivated and driven to succeed 

High-growth franchises across the UK are waiting for new franchisees

Across the UK, fast-growing franchises are waiting for your investment. As the world opens up again, there’s never been a better time to dive headfirst into the ocean of franchising. Visit Point Franchise’s UK franchise directory to browse the huge range of available franchising opportunities.

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