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Green Square franchise article

When starting a franchise, it's important to look for a business that demonstrates excellent potential for growth. Green Square – a renewable energy specialist – are operating in an industry that is likely to be at the heart of the upcoming energy revolution. Though significant progress in the sector has been made and large numbers of people are already switching to clean energy sources, there’s still many more that will have to do so in the future. If you’re passionate about the environment, want to run a business that’s contributing to large-scale societal change, or believe investing in a renewable energy company makes sound financial sense, you might want to delve deeper and discover Green Square.

Back to square one

Green Square began life in 2012 and, since then, has grown in both size and ambition. The franchise is based in London and provides renewable energy technology to homeowners and small businesses around the country. Their service offers assistance to customers every step of the way and covers any initial appraisals, the installation of their products, and after-sales follows up. The business emphasises its commitment to excellent customer service and its in-depth understanding of the clean energy sector and green products.

Green Square aims to ensure all of their customers' homes are equipped with green technology that satisfies their needs and reduces carbon emissions. They also hope to develop the organisation into a national framework of franchise units, each catering to the needs of their geographical area. In doing so, they'll play an important role in affecting a nationwide transition to renewable energy sources. Be it solar, tidal, or wind power, Green Square hopes to provide the solutions of tomorrow to today's homeowners and businesses.


To start a Green Square franchise, an initial franchise fee of £35,000 is required. However, the total cost of investment will be around £70,000. This covers the vast majority of setup costs and is also utilised as working capital to see you through the early days of the business. If you’re interested in starting a franchise but aren't sure you have all of the funds required, it could be a good idea to discuss financing options with a reputable lender. Green Square has developed strong working relationships with several lenders, some of which may be willing to cover 50-70% of your investment.

Green Square isn't necessarily looking for franchisees with previous experience in the industry, though it would be helpful. Instead, they're searching for individuals with excellent customer service skills, a talent for project management, and a firm grasp of business management basics. Not everyone's suited to being a franchise manager, so before you sign up, it's essential that you consider whether you've got the required skills, temperament, and patience to make it work.

In return for your investment

Beyond being able to trade under the company name, those individuals starting a Green Square franchise will receive a great deal of support and assistance. The franchisor can provide a full turnkey business, as well as marketing materials, stationery supplies, IT systems, and backup services.

The franchisee training programme covers four distinct areas of business management – ranging from IT solutions to technical support – and more than adequately prepares franchisees for their future role. When the business is up and running, Green Square continue to support their franchisees, even assisting them in generating sales leads using the company website.

However, Green Square are also making the most of heavy government investment in the renewable sector. Franchisees will benefit from work generated by the government's £3 billion investment in the UK Green Investment Bank and a number of recent legislative decisions, including the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). All of these factors are a part of the government's pledge to cut carbon emissions by 50% before 2050.

The franchised energy sector

It’s an exciting time for the UK renewable energy sector, with the government making significant commitments to a clean energy future. The UK Renewable Energy Roadmap aims to guide homeowners and businesses through this tricky transition stage, to push for more consideration of the environmental impact of energy use, and to encourage adoption of new technologies. The Energy Savings Trust has declared that new homes should be built with energy consumption in mind and that they should attempt to limit their dependency on the grid. Their ultimate aim is to ensure every home possible is fitted with suitable energy generation and storage technologies.

Regarding the potential market size, Green Square has enormous room for growth. There are approximately 23.5 million homes in the UK, and rising energy costs are an increasingly common complaint amongst homeowners. Similarly, architects and construction firms are also becoming more aware of the demand for renewable builds. As we begin to move away from fossil fuels as the de facto, go-to energy source, more and more individuals, businesses and industries will need to integrate new, clean technologies if they're to adapt and survive.

The race towards renewables and a growing awareness of the importance of clean energy are two of the main reasons there’s never been a better time to consider a renewable energy franchise. Unlike many other businesses, a Green Square Franchise is providing an indispensable service, switching homeowners and small businesses from fossil fuels to clean energy. For years, experts have been arguing that this is an essential transition if our planet is to survive as we know it. Now, Green Square is making that transition a reality.


Green Square is an incredibly exciting franchise opportunity for those who have an interest in clean energy and believe they’re well-suited to managing a business. Benefitting from a relatively low investment cost, franchisees will find themselves able to concentrate on growing the business and increasing turnover. The support and training programmes provided by Green Square also ensure that you’re never alone if you’re facing a problem or require assistance. If you’re hoping to invest in a franchise that’s great for the planet, great for customers, and great for the business’ owner, look no further than Green Square.

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