Renewable Energy franchise opportunities

Like the majority of developed countries in the world, the UK has renewable energy objectives that need to be met by the year 2020. The aim is eventually for 15% of all energy used in the country to be from renewable sources. In 2014, the UK had reached 7% and analysts now expect that the target will be hit. The majority of investment has been placed in onshore and offshore wind, as well as solar PV and biomass efforts, meaning renewables are a growing market.

The need for renewable energy

Individuals and businesses alike need power. While most of this power comes from electricity, gas is necessary for heating, cooking, and for other purposes. However, power consumption is one of the biggest contributing factors to global warming, according to experts. To slow global warming and to preserve the planet for future generations, we are all being encouraged to use less electricity and gas from unsustainable sources, making this a great market for entrepreneurs looking to invest in a franchising opportunity.

Renewable energy franchise opportunities

A renewable energy franchise will usually mean starting an energy conservation or energy saving company. You will be tasked with saving potential customers money while also exploring different possible renewable energy sources for their electricity or gas needs. This may mean finding suppliers that offer renewable energy products, or it could even mean the installation of solar panels, boreholes, and other sustainable energy products. This type of business offers its services to businesses and commercial ventures, as well as to individuals and families. Renewable energy companies that are currently offering franchises include Green Square and Energy Guardian.

The benefits of a franchise

Investing in a franchise means that you don’t have to start a business from scratch. You can enjoy the fruits of the hard work that the franchise business has invested in the past. They will have an existing brand, which means that you can leverage their experience and their portfolio of completed work. They will also provide you with guidance during the setup, and they will often help with the marketing and other aspects of managing your business too; none of which you would receive if you set up a renewable energy business from the ground up.

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