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The Massage Company franchise information article

If you’re used to thinking of massages as a once-a-year, luxury treat, you’ve yet to discover The Massage Company. As one of the UK's most exciting franchise prospects, the business is developing a new approach to massages and bringing their unique philosophy to customers across the country. Here, we take a look at how the business’ healing hands are converting investors to a fresh franchising opportunity.

The Massage Company Background

Founded in 2016, The Massage Company was inspired by the incredible success of membership-based massage businesses in the United States. Sensing a business opportunity, Elliot Walker and Charlie Thompson partnered up to bring a similar model to the UK. Their first centre in Camberley marked the beginning of a long journey that would eventually change the face of the UK massage industry. Both entrepreneurs had experience of the spa, fitness, and health product sectors before they began their enterprise, and both drew heavily on the experience they had gained from previous businesses to bring The Massage Company to life. Now, having won many business awards, they're looking to expand their company through the franchising model.

The industry

The global massage industry is worth an astounding $3.4 trillion, yet the UK does not benefit from a leading massage provider. Until now. The Massage Company is breaking down our old assumptions about how, when, why, and where massages are performed and building an entirely new model. This has proven incredibly successful, with the flagship centre in Camberley reporting that 80% of their customers were not receiving regular massages before they joined The Massage Company. The franchise managed to recognise an invisible UK demand for their services and began building a whole new market from virtually nothing.

What distinguishes The Massage Company from previous massage providers is its approach to setting, pricing, and business philosophy. Whereas previous massage businesses focused on providing their service within the context of another organisation – a fitness centre or hotel spa, for instance – The Massage Company wants to bring massaging back to the mainstream. This means making it part of our regular routines. To do so, the franchise utilises a membership-based pricing scheme to make each massage more affordable, while also establishing the business in its own dedicated premises. Now, rather than only having a massage for therapeutic reasons, or as part of a once-in-a-blue-moon pampering day, customers can enjoy the health benefits of a professional massage on a regular basis.

Franchise Basics

As we’ve already mentioned, The Massage Company operates according to a membership-based model. This means it prices its services in a similar way to leisure centres, gyms, and spas. It aims to improve the quality of people's lives by providing them with an affordable way of accessing high-quality massages, in a dedicated massage centre. They offer a wide variety of different massages, ranging from deep tissue massages to sports and maternity massages. Whereas massages have often been an afterthought or tagged on to other services, The Massage Company hopes to bring them back into the mainstream and help thousands of customers across the UK benefit mentally, physically, and emotionally from a regular massage.

What investment does the franchise require?

To become a Massage Company franchisee, it’s necessary to raise a minimum initial investment of around £200,000. However, many well known UK lenders are willing to finance suitable applicants, in some cases reducing this initial investment to £90,000. This figure includes a franchise fee of £25,000.

What do you get in return for your investment?

In return for your investment, The Massage Company provide franchisees with the rights to operate under the brand name, use the business’ trademarks, and receive assistance with selecting a site for a new centre, as well as negotiating and finalising the lease. On top of this, The Massage Company have developed one of the industry’s leading training programmes, ensuring that every franchisee’s masseuses are capable of delivering consistently excellent massages. It also prepares the franchisee for business management. The training period typically runs for a couple of weeks and covers topics as diverse as staff recruitment, digital operating systems, accounting, sales, and marketing. Once this initial training period is complete, the franchise management team continues to support, guide, and assist new franchisees as their business expands.

What kind of franchisee is The Massage Company looking for?

As with most high level, popular franchises, The Massage Company aren't looking for someone that necessarily has experience in the spa industry. Instead, they require an individual that's able to demonstrate the necessary skills to run a sophisticated and efficient business. This means that potential franchisees will need to show that they have the requisite business management skills. This includes the ability to select and hire the right team, effectively market the franchise, and interact with customers, partners, and the franchise management team in a clear and concise manner.

Similarly, any applicant must be able to show an understanding of financial management, provide a customer-orientated service, and have a firm idea of how they’re going to grow and expand the business. If this sounds like you, a Massage Company spa franchise may be the perfect fit.

If you’re considering setting up a franchise in the health and well-being, massage, or fitness industries, The Massage Company may be the most exciting opportunity you'll encounter in a considerable amount of time. Not only has it demonstrated the compatibility of its impressive new business model with the UK market, but it's also consistently breaking fresh ground and defining itself as a revolutionary force in the franchising sector. With several awards under its belt, a burning desire to grow and expand, and the business acumen, expertise, and experience to do so, it's offering business-orientated individuals the chance to get in on the ground floor of something incredibly promising. If you would like to find out more, don't hesitate to contact us at XXX or visit the Point Franchise business pages, where you’ll discover a wealth of possibilities.

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