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CoLaz Aesthetics Clinic franchise

CoLaz makes you feel sexy, smooth and confident!

CoLaz Aesthetics franchise provides opportunities for those who want to work in a stable and rewarding profession within the aesthetics industry, with our low cost of entry compared to other brands!

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About CoLaz Aesthetics Clinic

CoLaz Franchise Manroop Ahitan

Laser and Aesthetics Franchise

CoLaz Aesthetics franchise provides opportunities for those who want to work in a stable and rewarding profession within the aesthetics industry, with our low cost of entry compared against other brands!

We are a growing and successful company that offers opportunities to its franchise partners at all levels with our tested, proven methods of success. Our franchise partners are given access to the best training and support from our team of experts.

We're searching for individuals who are passionate about the business and want to make a difference. If this describes you, we'd be delighted to hear from you!

Manroop Ahitan

Founder and Managing Director

The Opportunity

From an Employee to Entrepreneur

Our franchise model is set up to give franchise partners a unique opportunity to become entrepreneurs and operate their own businesses under the CoLaz franchise model.

100% Ownership

Our mission is to develop profitable, skilled, and passionate individuals that care about sustainable growth with a company culture based on collaboration.

We believe we have a one-of-a-kind franchise concept: you retain 100% control of your business, and there's no 50/50 partnership involved. You keep 100% of your net profits every time, so franchisees feel confident that their businesses are in their own hands.

Our model allows franchisees to have complete control of their business under our brand and guidelines so that they can enjoy their success and reap all the rewards of their own hard work.

Our franchisees enjoy many benefits, including flexible schedules, high-income potential, ongoing training and support and much more.


CoLaz Franchise Staff

Why Join CoLaz?

  • Booming Market - Research has shown that the aesthetic market is booming with the changing views toward youth and beauty due to increased demand for aesthetic or cosmetic procedures. Many cutting-edge non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques for carrying out aesthetic procedures have been created in the 21st century. These innovative procedures are introduced into the brand to flourish
  • Blueprint that works - With over a decade of track record in the beauty and aesthetics industry, CoLaz's business model is well-established, tried and tested proven methods of success
  • 100% Share Capital - Colaz aesthetic clinics have multiple successful franchisees, and you will own 100% of your business, retaining all your net profit, and we only charge a monthly management fee of 8.5%
  • Website – High ranking website bringing you leads to your door. We continuously update the website with new content and treatments.
  • Support – You will never be alone. We believe the franchise is a partnership, and you will be given ongoing support and training continuously
  • The i-colaz software - is developed specifically for the brand for ease of booking requirements.

Treatments and Services

  • Laser Hair Removal – Using the latest cutting edge technology to deliver outstanding results for your clients and profit for you.
  • Non-surgical treatments – Delivering cosmetic injectables & the latest trends in non-surgical treatments such as PRP, fat dissolving injections, skin boosters & much more.
  • Skin Treatments – We offer a variety of skin treatments available to tackle the most common skin concerns such as acne, scarring, pigmentation & much more.
  • Inch loss Treatments  – Offers the latest solution for inch loss to help you hone in a new clientele base.
  • Skin Blemishes – Offer clients removal of skin blemishes such as warts, moles, skin tags and verrucas – high-profit margin.
  • Health – Introducing Intravenous drips, the latest trend for optimal health.
  • Products – Offering the latest cosmetic skin products to deliver optimal results to your clients.


The Support Services



  • We are here to help you with your business plan and funding needs.
  • We specialise in finding the perfect property for you, negotiating lease terms and providing professional clinic fit-out services.
  • Benefit from our significant group purchases secured at the best possible prices for the network
  • Full training of you and staff before the launch day.
  • The use of our comprehensive management software and all cloud-based IT equipment
  • Complete management of fit-out and designs provided for all clinics
  • Search engine optimisation and marketing initiatives to enhance business performance
  • The continuous development of the corporate image to enhance brand presence

Ongoing support

  • Leadership training to help manage your team
  • Technical support on all aspects of the business and equipment
  • Support for human resources to ensure that teams are operating at peak efficiency.
  • Marketing templates and newsletters
  • Website development.
  • The provision of CoLaz online training courses in new product development
  • Business coaching
  • Online training and further training support to meet requirements of the franchise
  • Promotional open days
  • Monitoring performance
  • Regional meetings that benefit the network for the exchange of ideas and general business development
  • Annual conference to provide recognition and reward to the CoLaz Franchise Network.

Earnings Opportunity

  • Take a £2000 per month salary from Day 1
  • 100% of annual profits are yours to take as Dividends
  • Annual income exceeding £75,000 from Year 4 and over £100,000 after Year 5
  • All cash invested repaid by the end of Year 4

The opportunity to run and manage your own business will give you a feeling of pride and self-esteem and make you an integral part of the local business community. There are various opportunities to earn from the business with the kudos of owning your own business and being viewed as an entrepreneur.


About You

CoLaz Franchise Aesphetics

What are we looking for?

  • As a franchise partner, you will be an entrepreneur ready to put in the effort necessary to succeed. You have a dream you wish to turn into reality and will do everything possible to make it happen.

Qualities of an outstanding franchisee are:

  • Big picture thinker: You share the vision and understand- to get results, you need to handle and manage different parts of the franchise within your clinic, for example, finances, customer satisfaction etc
  • People skills: You must have excellent communication and listening skills as you deal with employees, franchisors, the public, suppliers etc. These skills can be developed over time with the support of the training we provide
  • Coachability: This is the key to success, as the willingness to learn and accept the advice given will help you grow.
  • Work ethic: This is essential for you to succeed. You must be willing to put 100% into your business, allowing you to grow in the right direction and inspire your staff to work even harder and deliver the results you want.
  • Be able to follow the rules: The franchise has set procedures, policies, business models and regulations that need to be adhered to.
  • Results orientated: You, as the franchisee, will be able to deliver results and ongoing sales to ensure the success of your franchise.
  • Calm and collected at all times: This is an essential personality trait to have as it will ensure you are successful in a time of crisis.
  • Team player: As a franchise, we work as one team and one business, ensuring the brand's success. You must be able to work with the other franchisees and us.
  • Commitment and motivation: You must be committed to the business and be motivated to deliver the results required to be successful. You will be actively involved in developing your business.
  • As the franchise partner, you will require a professional approach concerning running your business, marketing, and selling the services of CoLaz. From the initial set up of their new businesses through to fruition and beyond, the franchisee partners must be willing to operate under the CoLaz entire business format system. This includes adapting any new methods as and when they are introduced. That being said, I always welcome and encourage unique ideas, mainly if they can be employed across the whole network.

Don't forget:

  • You are not alone and won't ever feel isolated–you will have the full support of an established business on hand whenever you need it. You will gain all the benefits of being your own boss but have the backup of a more comprehensive network supporting you all the way.

Next Steps:

It's a two-way process of getting to know one another when you become a franchise partner so let's get to know each other before going into business