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Tinkable License

We focus on the business, whilst you focus on your patient.

Conceived against a background of ever decreasing standards within the aesthetics industry, the Tinkable license is formulated to provide a continuity of high quality, honest and medically professional aesthetic treatments throughout the UK.

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Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    £1000 per month
  • Advertising fee:
    Inclusive in operating fee
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

 Tinkable Licence are looking for medical prescribers only.

About Tinkable License

It’s taken over 14 years and Tinkable have achieved a brand reputation for offering quality services in an honest and caring environment by highly qualified medical professionals. Such a reputation is not easily achieved and has taken years of hard work and dedication.

We want medical professionals to stand out from the competition, and we want you to represent quality throughout the industry. Come and share the initiatives, protocols, procedures and support systems that we have uniquely formulated from years of experience.

A Tinkable license will enable you to stand out and step up.

Why choose Tinkable?

Firstly, a Tinkable License will legitimise your business, no need to worry about cash payments, tax investigations, product supply, no more worrying about the environment you practice in, you will not be fighting alone against competitors and it will give you peace of mind. Peace of mind in that you will represent quality and you now have a reputation for safety and professionalism.

 What do I get?

You will rest assured that you are applying best practice and you have ample clinical support for your patients should a worse case scenario occur. You will also be further assured that our marketing and our business team have your back. While you focus on the patient we focus on your business.

All Tinkable clinics are supported with ongoing training and our practitioners are supported using centralised resources, which have been developed over 14 years. With additional and specific support from Allergan, the manufacturer of our toxin and filler range, we can ensure our patients a quality and safe experience.

You can be part of a community of patient focused medical aesthetic practitioners. Your business will be supported by an experienced management team, you can also expect clinical support from expert practitioners, and all the guidance needed to enable you to achieve best practice.

This opportunity is open primarily to medical prescribers currently practicing in the industry and looking to make the next step. The license will cost a one off fee of £5,000, and a service fee for the centralised services of £1,000 per month, which is equal to one treatment per week.



Training and support provided

What is included?

 You will benefit from a number of centralised services:

  • Call Handling
  • 24/7 Customer Bookings
  • Appointment Management Systems
  • Marketing Services
  • Treatment & Patient Management Systems
  • Established & Discounted Supply Line
  • Stock Control
  • Full Staff Training Available
  • Protocols, Policies & Procedures
  • Management & HR Support Available
  • Expert Clinical & Patient Support

Additional training can be provided, additional charges may apply.

The ideal Tinkable License

A medical prescriber, with qualifications and experience in aesthetics. A trading history, even part time, with the use of a treatment room in a salon, or perhaps their own premises. There must be a structure which allows expansion.
The ideal licensee will be serious about quality of service, be willing to invest time and energy into their business, and be willing to expand and grow as the business develops.

The minimum requirements

  • A medical prescribing PIN
  • Qualifications and experience in toxin and filler
  • A trading history - even part time
  • A registered address (treatment room)
  • Ability to expand as the business grows
  • At least part time availability
  • Be patient ,focused and passionate about quality
  • Professionalism and safety for the patient
  • Pass the Tinkable trade test
  • Willingness for continued learning.


Tinkable License's history

Operating for over 14 years, 129,314 patients treated, 98% positive feedback and several awards for excellence including the save face excellence accreditation 5 years in a row. Tinkable are the gold standard brand with a proven reputation for providing safe and quality aesthetic treatments.

The past and present

We learnt a long time ago, medical professionals want to focus on their patients and leave business and marketing to those best suited to do that for them. That's what the Tinkable license is all about, let us lead your business to success, we will enable you to stand out from the competition and step up for quality.

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