Q&A: Does Shakeaway Franchise in the UK?

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Shakeaway, the world’s largest milkshake bar company, could be the perfect franchising opportunity for you. With over 500 stores in 14 different countries, including 40 in the UK, this thriving franchise is ready for you to get involved. 

Shakeaway has been in business since 1997, and the company now offers over 180 different flavours of milkshake, as well as smoothies, fries and frozen yoghurt. There’s something for everyone on the fun-filled Shakeaway menu.

The loyal customers and successful business model of this milkshake bar franchise make Shakeaway the perfect investment for a prospective franchisee. So, does Shakeaway franchise in the UK?

Does Shakeaway franchise?

Yes, Shakeaway does franchise in the UK. From its Bournemouth company headquarters, the booming milkshake business is always on the lookout for new investors.

If you’re interested in running an exciting, dynamic franchise, then Shakeaway could be the perfect brand for you. In such a thriving environment, you’re bound to see a return on your investment.

We currently receive hundreds of requests for franchises from more than 50 countries around the world.
—Peter Dixon, Shakeaway CEO

History of Shakeaway 

As mentioned above, the milkshake company was founded in 1999, with the first shop opening in Bournemouth. The company first became a franchise in 2007, and in 2010, was acquired by entrepreneurs Peter Dickson and Stephen Jensen. 

Shakeaway now has stores around the world, and has developed a great deal since those early days. In 2016, Shakeaway ranked among the top 50 UK franchises in Food Franchise Magazine, who said, 

“It should come as no surprise to see Shakeaway in the list of Top 50 Franchises. Since launching in Bournemouth, in 1999, the business has seen the opening of 40 units and has found its way to 32th in our list.”

Starting a Shakeaway franchise unit 

Shakeaway provides all its franchisees with everything they need in order to open up and run a franchise of the business successfully. The experience is collaborative, and tailored to the chosen location.

We do not sell a franchise in a box, we sell a concept that can be adapted to local tastes.
—Peter Dickson

Becoming a Shakeaway franchisee

If you’re wondering how to start a shakeaway franchise, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you motivated?

  • Are you energetic?

  • Are you willing to learn?

  • Are you ready to follow an established, successful formula all the way to financial and professional success?

If you answered yes to all four, it’s likely that you would be an ideal Shakeaway franchisee. But, before deciding whether the franchise is right for you, we recommend you do your research. A career as a franchisee can be incredibly rewarding, and the potential for growth and development is huge. But it’s also a lot of responsibility.

Understanding what’s required from you as a franchisee, as well as what’s offered from the franchisor is important. You can find out more about the franchise via their profile page, linked above, but here’s the breakdown:

How much do you need to invest? 

A minimum investment of £40,000 is required, with franchise fees of £25,000. Operating and advertising fees are included within the costs, and the royalty fee is 9%. If you don’t quite have enough money, bear in mind that many banks are willing to lend up to 70% of the total start-up costs. 

What do you get for your investment?

Once you’ve decided to invest in a Shakeaway business, you’ll be entitled to a lot of support, both financially and otherwise. Here’s just some of the support that the franchisee provides to new franchisees:

  • Help with property selection. The process can be confusing, but with expert assistance, you’ll find the right place in no time. The average floor space of a Shakeaway store is 800 to 1,000 square feet.

  • Support every step of the way. An experienced Shakeaway team will lead you through the process and answer any questions that you might have.

  • Design and fit-out. Your interior spaces will be decorated in line with the franchise-wide style. 

  • Help with recruiting staff. Shakeaway will help you put together the perfect team, full of hard-working team players who are ready and waiting to learn.

  • Marketing support. When you open your unit, the franchise will make sure customers are at your door.

  • Administration support. Administrative set-up can be time-consuming, complex and confusing, but our tried and tested systems will take the stress out of things.

  • Full training for the franchisee and all employees.

  • Ongoing support from a business manager. You’re sure to have queries as your franchise kicks into life, and the ongoing support of an existing Shakeaway business manager will be there to help you out.

  • 75% financing for approved UK applicants. Approved UK applicants can finance 75% of the shop fit. 

Shakeaway’s successful business model includes low-cost, high-yield marketing strategies that build brand awareness and encourage customer footfall. The franchise even has its own TV and radio stations, which promote shakeaway products and provide a 10-hour-long in-store musical entertainment show respectively. 

Each Shakeaway unit has a dedicated Facebook page, on which all events and promotional offers can be featured.

Start your Shakeaway journey today 

In 24 years, the Shakeaway franchise has come a long, long way. And as time goes on, the company will continue to grow and innovate. 

For example: The number of vegans in the UK has tripled since 2014 [Statista], and in response to this trend, the business has introduced a range of tasty dairy-free shakes to ensure that everyone is provided for. The franchise is adapting, learning, and still remains the largest milkshake bar company in the world.

To explore the possibility of becoming a Shakeaway franchisee, visit the business’s profile page, linked above. Alternatively, check out Point Franchise’s wide range of articles to discover more about the world of franchising, or explore your investment options across all industries.

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