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Perfume has the power to give us a unique identity with a signature smell, wear different scents to suit different locations and make us feel confident. But with there being a shift towards online shopping where customers can scan a large array of products quickly and easily and potentially find the cheapest price, shop-front locations are having to compensate by offering something unique. However, one big advantage of traditional shop-front style locations is that customers can smell the perfumes and use this as a basis for which one to choose.

Whilst becoming successful in the industry does take a lot of hard work and significant investment, there is a huge market in the UK and across the globe that perfume shop franchises can capitalise on. Research suggests that the UK’s current perfume and cosmetics manufacturing market generates £5.1 billion and is expected to keep on growing (IBIS). Not only that, the global fragrance industry is predicted to value around $92 billion by 2024 (Statista).

Starting a Perfume Shop Franchise

It’s paramount to get the product right when starting a perfume shop franchise, because ultimately, if you are selling fragrances that aren’t popular with customers or only appeal to a certain type of customer then you aren’t going to bring in enough custom or generate enough profits. You may be passionate about perfume and have an interest in the different scents and how they are made, but if you lack the business know-how, drive and skills, creating a successful business will be difficult.

Investing in an existing perfume franchise can help overcome some of these issues so you can focus on the growth of your business. If you take the franchise route, you can also benefit from the franchisor’s industry connections, proven business model, reputable brand name, trusted customer base and much more. Buying stock from independent manufacturers is generally more expensive than buying wholesale, so the franchise model should help you offer a diverse range of perfumes but cost you less. This will allow more profit to be generated from each sale.

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Perfume Shop Franchises

Here, we take a look at some of the best perfume shop franchises opportunities in the UK at the moment. We currently only have one in our books, and that is Arabian Oud.

Arabian Oud

Arabian Oud is a perfume franchise that holds the title of the biggest oriental perfume retailer in the world. Its unique and innovative offering has made it a popular alternative to large brands such as The Perfume Shop, and through its capitalisation on a niche in the market, it has been able to flourish amongst the largest perfume brands across the globe.

Arabian Oud has been operating in the market for over 35 years and it now has set up shop in over 35 countries from over 900 stores. With such a large customer base, the brand produces around 25 million bottles of the finest fragrances every year.

But its success goes far beyond its marketing efforts; Arabian Oud’s products are high in quality and bring a new concept to the market, resulting in critical acclaim in the industry.

Franchisees can look forward to comprehensive training and ongoing support in terms of Arian Oud’s brand philosophy, business model, operational systems, product training, marketing tools and much more.

The franchise fees and initial costs are dependent on the location in which you choose to open your business. The brand encourages potential candidates to contact them on their website to find out more about the investment and application process.

Now, we’ll take a look at three more perfume shop franchises in the UK currently looking to further their nationwide expansion with the franchise model.


This leading Spanish brand have been pioneers in the perfume industry since 2011. There are now more than 720 shops in over 25 countries and the franchise is now hoping to further its expansion into the UK. The brand manufactures cosmetics as well as fragrances, and at the core of its global success is its reasonably priced, own brand, high-quality products.

Interested franchisees should be enthusiastic about the perfume industry, have experience in employee management, be business-minded and share the brand’s philosophy. They can then look forward to having the independence of running their own business but under the support of an established brand. You will be responsible for running the store, employee selection and management and local marketing.

Equivalenza provides design, furniture and IT equipment, as well as initial product stock for four to six weeks. There is also continuous training, in-store and online, included in the investment cost.
You can launch your own Equivalenza franchise from £44,000. Head to its website to find out more and fill in an application form.

Eden Perfumes

This vegan perfume franchise was born when the Brighton-based founders started mixing oils to create high-quality, ethical and organic perfumes. Founded in 2013, the vegan family is set to expand their business and be front-runners in the perfume industry.

Franchisee applications will be examined in depth to ensure that interested franchisees share the brand’s ethos: to be against animal cruelty and exploitation.

Head to the Eden Perfumes website to get further information on investment costs and how to apply.


This perfume franchise was opened in Canada by two people with a desire to expand an innovative idea: to create a perfume brand that doesn’t test on animals. Its perfumes are crafted with the finest vegan essential oils and perfumes that you can create yourself. The brand is on the lookout for franchisees in the UK who want to become part of the perfume revolution. It designs and produces 95 percent of its offering – and this is a USP to your customers. Scent&Colour particularly encourages entrepreneurs that live in a small city or town where there aren’t many other perfume, soap and bathroom retailers. Head to its website to apply.

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