8 Advantages of Starting an Online Tutoring Franchise Unit Today

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More and more parents are turning to private tutors to help their children improve their academic performance. Here are eight reasons why you should consider starting your very own online tutoring franchise unit.

If you’re searching for a stable and recession-proof business sector to get involved in, look no further. Becoming an online tutor will give you the chance to have a rewarding career and develop a pool of repeat customers. And by joining an online tutoring franchise, you can do this whilst benefitting from a tried and tested business model and skip the lengthy business development process most entrepreneurs experience.

So, let’s get straight into the advantages of joining an education franchise.

Advantages of starting an online tutoring franchise unit

1. Demand is high

As pupils face increasing levels of pressure to achieve high grades at school, a higher number of parents are now searching for private tutors. This sector isn’t influenced by trends and fads; tutors will always be needed to support pupils. So, once you’ve set up your business, it should be sustainable in the long term.

2. It’s rewarding

This is one of the main reasons why people become tutors or start tutoring businesses. Once you’ve set up your education franchise unit, you’ll get the satisfaction of helping young people in your local community. Every day, you’ll be supporting young adults to better themselves and improve their chances of getting into university and securing a great job. In short – just by giving an hour or so of your time every week, you can have a real impact on someone else’s life.

3. You’ll meet lots of new people

As a tutor, you will pick up new pupils all the time – and say goodbye to others. Your job is unlikely to become monotonous, as you’ll always be meeting and interacting with different people. Each of your pupils will come with their own unique personality and learning style, so lessons should never be boring.

4. You can minimise outgoing costs

You won’t have to invest a lot of money in setting up and running your online tutoring franchise unit. Unlike business owners in other sectors, you won’t have to buy expensive equipment, stock or a fleet of vehicles, so you can get started for a relatively low cost. In terms of ongoing fees, you won’t have to rent business premises or pay for its utilities and insurance, so you’ll be able to reach your break-even point and start turning a profit much quicker.

5. You can cover topics you’re passionate about

While English, maths and science are the most commonly requested private tuition topics, you could also deliver sessions in other areas. If you have other specialist subjects, why not offer music, languages or history classes (to name a few possibilities) on the side?

Ultimately, businesses are more successful if their owners are passionate about what they do. When teaching subjects you love, your enthusiasm will shine through, helping your pupils feel engaged and positive. And, if you can instil in your pupils a passion for learning, their parents will be more likely to recommend your services to other families.

6. It’s convenient

Being able to start an online tutoring franchise unit from the comfort of your own home will be incredibly convenient for you and your family. It will also eliminate commuting time and petrol costs for both you and your pupils. What’s more, giving children the chance to gain extra tuition without leaving their homes should generate better results, as research suggests studying in familiar surroundings often boosts children’s confidence.

7. You can choose your own timetable

As you’ll mainly be helping school children, most of your teaching sessions will take place in the late afternoon and early evening. But you will be able to finetune your timetable to suit your own requirements. Being able to control the hours you work can offer you a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to running your business around existing commitments and your family’s needs.

You may even be able to join a part-time online tutoring franchise and keep a regular job alongside your new venture. You should be able to slot your business hours in around your part-time job to benefit from a second stable income and fund the development of your franchise unit.

8. Technology can give you flexibility

Thanks to technology and various online educational tools, you can achieve the same results traditional tutors do. Platforms such as Skype and FaceTime give you the ability to interact and build a relationship with your students as successfully as if you were in the same room as them.

In fact, operating your business online could have even more benefits. You’ll be able to easily send academic resources and other useful documents over the internet, reducing the need to repeatedly print out sheets of paper.

The current state of the online tutoring industry

According to research commissioned by the Sutton Trust charity, 27 percent of young people in England and Wales have received some form of private tuition. In 2005, just 18 percent were in this category, so the number of children seeking extra education has risen significantly. And in London, even more pupils are getting extra help, as 41 percent have used a private tutor.

Experts believe the tutoring market is worth £6.5 billion in the UK, with 2.8 million pupils being supported at any one time. Almost half the parents surveyed said they hired a tutor to help their child with schoolwork in general, while 27 percent revealed the tutor helped their child prepare for exams.

Today, increasing numbers of pupils are reaching out to tutors who offer their services over the internet, as this is both convenient and cost effective. An hour of online tutoring costs an average of £18, while face-to-face tutoring comes in at £23, so this is a more affordable option for many families.

The private tuition industry has faced its fair share of publicity. Many people believe children from lower income families are disadvantaged, as they can’t afford the private tuition more affluent families can. However, no one can deny there is plenty of demand out there, so you can still set up a profitable and rewarding business by joining this sector.

Become an online tutor today

If you’ve decided the tutoring sector is for you, find out how to launch your online tutoring franchise unit with our handy guide. Alternatively, browse our full list of tutoring and education franchises. You’ll be able to sort opportunities by their investment fee to find one to fit your budget.

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