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online tutoring jobs

According to research commissioned by the Sutton Trust charity, 27% of young people in England and Wales have received some form of private tuition, compared to just 18% in 2005. And this number is even higher for London based pupils, with a whopping 41% that have used a private tutor at some point.

Hiring a tutor to help with general schoolwork was the reason given by almost half of the parents surveyed. 27% stated that a private tutor was hired to prepare students for exams such as GCSEs and A-levels.

This has raised concerns that the children of lower income families are being disadvantaged as they cannot afford the private tuition that the more affluent families can. However, online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular because its both convenient and more cost effective. With the average cost of an hour of online tutoring at £18 compared to face to face at £23, this is a more affordable solution for a larger number of pupils.

The tutoring market is worth £6.5 billion in the UK with 2.8 million pupils being supported at any one time and so now is a great time to consider online tutoring jobs by investing in a franchise.

Online tutoring jobs UK

As well as being more affordable for parents, online tutoring jobs offer many benefits for franchisees too. These include:


Online tutoring jobs can be performed anywhere at any time. However, as youll predominantly be helping school-age children, most of the tuition will take place in the late afternoon and early evening. This, along with the ability to pick and choose which hours you work, can offer you a huge amount of flexibility to run your business around the needs of your family or other personal commitments.

The flexibility of running an online tutoring franchise can also enable you to keep an employed job alongside your new venture. It can provide a second income, which can easily be fitted around your schedule.


Being able to run your business from the comfort of your home is convenient for you and your students. They are able to study within familiar surroundings, which can help their confidence, and you dont have to allow for commuting time between appointments meaning that you can help more students and increase your profitability.


Thanks to technology, you can still get the results that traditional face-to-face tutors can achieve. Apps such as Skype and FaceTime enable you to interact and build a relationship with your students as successfully as if you were in the same room as them.

Online English tutoring jobs

Parents tend to focus on private tuition for core subjects so online tutoring jobs teaching English to children is a service that is consistently in demand. If youre interested in starting a tutoring franchise that specialises in English, here are a couple for you to consider.


Kumon offers the chance to become part of the worlds largest after-school education programme. The franchise was established 50 years ago and currently has more than four million students worldwide. Your role as a franchisee will be to support students as well as attracting business to your centre. For this, youll need to be enthusiastic, motivated and willing to invest time in your business.

For students that dont have a study centre in their area, you can also offer an online service. The Kumon online programmes are the same as those delivered at a centre and students still benefit from the support and guidance of a tutor.

The minimum investment needed to start your own Kumon franchise is £3,000. This covers your initial license fee along with the marketing fee for your first year. Youll also need to pay rental fees and other running costs. In return for your investment, youll get to own and operate your business, according to the proven business model designed by Kumon.

Kip McGrath

Kip McGrath was founded by schoolteachers in Australia more than 40 years ago and now has around 500 education centres all over the world. The needs of the children and the importance of making learning fun are key philosophies of this tutoring franchise that focuses on English and maths. Individual learning programmes are developed based on the needs of each student and qualified teachers provide all tutoring.

When you become a franchisee, youll receive full training in the teaching methods and systems used at Kip McGrath, as well as coaching in how to drive more business to your centre. There are franchise opportunities for all levels of experience from local franchisees to area developers and master franchisees.

Part-time tutoring online jobs

If you dream of owning and operating a franchise but cant make a full-time commitment, then you can still become your own boss with a part-time opportunity such as Tutor Doctor.

With 500 franchises in 15 countries, and with 17,000 tutors helping 180,000 students, Tutor Doctor is one of the fastest growing educational companies in the history of franchising. And the opportunity to join this expanding company is not restricted to people who have previously worked in the education sector. In fact, only 17% of Tutor Doctor franchisees have prior experience in education, while 83% come from diverse business backgrounds.

This is an exciting franchise opportunity covering a wide range of subjects including science, arts, languages as well as employment and life skills. As its a home-based franchise, the overheads are low and you can run your business around your familys needs and any other personal commitments that you may have.

As a franchisee youll be responsible for generating leads, visiting potential clients in their homes and then arranging for a suitable tutor to provide the teaching. To ensure that you have all the skills needed to get your business off to the best possible start, youll receive hours of face to face and online training, ongoing support, assistance with marketing and access to the unique Tutor Doctor software.

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