How to Start a Tutoring Services Business with a Franchise

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The private tuition sector is booming and there’s never been a better time to get in on the potentially lucrative action. Worth an estimated £2 billion in the UK alone, extra-curricular and private tutoring has steadily risen in popularity over the last decade and the industry is now dominated by successful franchises all across the country.

With parents looking to give their children a head start before they venture out into the increasingly competitive world of work, tutoring has become a standard part of many children’s lives, with around 40 percent of children in London now undertaking additional tutoring to supplement their education. There are lots of different tutoring companies and franchises out there, from play-based programmes that help engage and instil a love of education in young children to tutoring sessions that are suitable for young people all the way through to university level. However, it can be challenging to go it alone in an industry that’s crammed with individuals trying to build their own tutoring business from scratch. Many who are looking to break into the tutoring sector might be passionate educators, but lack the knowledge of marketing, management and the reputation to reach success on their own.

That’s why joining a tutoring services franchise might be the perfect solution.

If you’re a passionate educator looking for a new challenge that traditional teaching may not offer, why not look into the many tutoring franchise opportunities that are on the market? Whether your skills lie in traditional disciplines such as Maths and English, or you specialise in areas like languages or technology, there are a wide range of opportunities to suit your interests.

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Home Tutoring Services

If you’re looking to break into the home tutoring market, Tutor Doctor is a fantastic franchise to join. It’s one of the world’s largest tutoring franchises and already has more than 500 franchisees spanning 16 countries. By matching students with a professional, friendly tutor based on their individual academic needs, the franchise has an impressive success rate that helps children succeed and develop a lifelong love for learning. It’s been ranked as the number one in-home tutoring franchises by the influential Entrepreneur Magazine and has scooped countless awards for its business model.

If you’re looking to move your career into the education sector but have no prior experience or background in education, you could still be the right franchisee for Tutor Doctor. The franchise is seeking ambitious, driven individuals who will help run and co-ordinate their own tutoring business and employ talented educators to deliver sessions in a wide range of subjects. Franchisees will still be able to experience the satisfaction that tutoring delivers, as they’ll be making a difference to children who need an extra helping hand.

With a flexible, home-based business model and low overheads, Tutor Doctor offers the flexibility and potential for high returns that so many people seek from franchising.

Online Tutoring Services

Many children need a helping hand with their Maths and English skills, and First Class Learning specialises in helping them reach their full potential. As part of a respected and nationally recognised brand, you could be the one that helps a network of tutors remotely deliver a comprehensive and enjoyable extra-curricular programme in your area. With more than 250 tuition centres across the world, First Class Learning welcomes franchisees who are passionate about helping children overcome obstacles in their education without the pressures and restrictive workloads that they may have faced when working in a school.

The franchise is the fastest growing tutoring franchise in the UK and, for a surprisingly low investment, you could open your own centre that you run around your own personal commitments.


Technology is becoming ever-more present in our lives and children who lack sufficient knowledge of the digital world might find themselves at a disadvantage once they enter the workforce. That’s where ComputerXplorers can help. With its tailored programme that equips children with the skills to get ahead in the digital world, ComputerXplorers teaches children about everything from digital photography and robotics to coding and forensic science while helping to improve core academic skills including maths, literacy and science.

Franchisees will benefit from multiple income streams, thanks to a business model that lends itself well to the simultaneous running of in-school, extra-curricular and summer camp programmes. Each territory will include at least 300 schools and 300 nurseries/pre-schools, meaning you’ll have ample opportunity to generate an impressive income quickly. You won’t need to be an IT expert or even come from an education background, as ComputerXplorers will provide more than 200 pieces of unique material and a comprehensive lesson plan to help you and your staff deliver sessions with ease. The franchise is looking for people who are passionate about technology and computing and educating the next generation about the world that exists online.

Tutoring Services Franchise

Languages can unlock the world for your little ones and at Bambini Lingo, they’ll be able to experience a fun, unique learning experience that exposes them to up to 9 languages before they’ve even started school. With a range of different classes that are suitable for children from birth, franchisees will use Bambini Lingo’s award-winning music albums and fun, play-based curriculum to immerse children in a new language.

Whether you’re multi-lingual or simply have a love of languages, Bambini Lingo is encouraging everyone who is passionate about giving children the gift of language and life-long learning to get involved in its exciting opportunity. All classes need to be delivered by a native speaker, which can either be yourself if you have a bi-lingual background, or employees who deliver your scheduled classes for you. The franchise was established in 2012 and now delivers classes in 9 languages to children across the globe, taking advantage of the ‘magic window’ of opportunity that young children have for picking up additional languages.

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