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Research has indicated that the automotive industry is a booming sector is the UK economy - accounting for a turnover of over £82 billion and £20.2 billion value added (SMMT). With approximately 186,000 people directly employed in manufacturing and more than £856,000 across the broader automotive industry, the lucrative industry accounts for 12 percent of the UKs total export of goods and invests 3.65 billion every year into automotive research and development.

Benefits of Starting an Automotive Franchise

Lets face it, Brits love cars - they provide us with the flexibility to get from A to B as we please. So long as we continue to use cars, the demand for car services, whether it be brake, maintenance or tyre services, will always be there. The automobile shows no sign of decreasing in popularity. According to the Department for Transport, there were 38.4 million vehicles licensed for use on UK roads in September 2018. This means that over half of the population owns one. A report from the BBC explains the rise in car ownership as due to more women working and driving, and due to the price of cars falling, making them more affordable and accessible to a wider proportion of society.

If youve ever dreamed of being your own boss, then starting an automotive franchise could be an exciting opportunity. You might be tired of answering to your boss day in and day out, waking up before the crack of dawn to tackle the laborious and dreaded commute to work, or not having a healthy work-life balance and having to miss important family events. So, why not step it up a gear and be your own boss?

Franchise vs Independent Start-up

Adopting the franchise route is an easier and cheaper alternative to starting your own business from scratch, with relatively low investment requirements and a pre-existing customer base thats emerged from an established brand name. Launching your own automotive franchise provides financial security and a constant stream of trusted customers.

With brand recognition driving customers more than ever before, the franchise model is the more financially stable option; customers buy from places they know and can be assured of top-quality services. A franchise is more likely to have easy access to the latest equipment, tools and a better pool of loyal staff. Enjoy the independence of working for yourself with the safety net of a successful, well-known company with an automotive franchise.


This American chain is one of the largest providers of automotive services, including, but not limited to, brake, exhaust and suspension services, in the world.
Founded in 1956, in Georgia, US, Midas now has expanded to over 2,100 locations across the globe. It all started when the chain sold the best muffler on the market, which came with a national warranty for as long as you own a car. This was innovative and unheard of at the time, and soon other companies followed suit.

Midas has acknowledged that in todays age, vehicles perform better than ever before, even with an excess of 100,000 miles; drivers are owning their cars longer and driving them more. Therefore, the brand evolved to be a total car care expert, offering a diverse and extensive range of maintenance and repair services to help its customers keep their vehicles on the road for as long as possible.

Midas Franchise for Sale

Midas is owned by parent company TBC Corporation, which bought the franchise system in 2012. TBC, which markets and distributes tyres and other products in the automotive replacement market, observed Midas as a powerful brand that it could help grow by offering support, access to extra service lines such as tyres, and through influential national media campaigns.

Why Midas?

Midas is an iconic auto care brand. With over six decades of franchising under its belt, joining Midas allows you to become part of a brand that has a proven track record of success. With access to a vast selection of tyre brands, including Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Cooper, Midas offers purchasing power. Also, becoming a franchisee will give you access to its nationwide tyre distribution network and exceptional fleet programme opportunities that can help your business flourish - not to mention the instant elite brand recognition, with impactful local and national marketing support. Finally, you can benefit from its existing client base and high traffic to the website, which, again, will assist in the growth of your business.

When you become a franchisee, you can look forward to a wealth of support, so youre never struggling on your own. There is a dedicated filed support team, industry leading multi-channel marketing, a dynamic online business centre and comprehensive training.

Midas Franchise Cost

According to the Midas website, it is only looking for franchisees in the US and Canada currently. However, watch this space for franchise opportunities in the UK. In order to become a franchisee, an initial investment of between $181,650 and $459,687 is required. There is also a franchise fee of $30,000. Head to the Midas website for more details and to fill in the application form: https://www.midasfranchise.com/getstarted.

Take a look below at a similar opportunity available through Point Franchise currently on the lookout for passionate and dedicated franchisees in the UK.

Similar Opportunities


This auto repair franchise is now the largest repair specialist in the UK, with it developing a network of over 200 franchisees in the last 20 years. Founded in 1994, ChipsAway grew slowly and steadily in the first decade of its operation until 2008, when it was bought by international franchising specialist Franchsie Brands, sparking a joint effort for expansion.

To become a ChipsAway franchisee, youll need to invest a minimum of £15,000 +VAT, and a total investment of £29,995 +VAT. In return for your investment, you will receive comprehensive training and support by attending the companys accredited technical training programme, which is four weeks long. On top of this, you will receive additional training in marketing and business management to ensure that your business is successful in the quickest possible time.

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