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Joining the Travel Franchise is more than a chance to become your own boss and find financial independence. It’s a unique way to live your travel dreams and create unforgettable experiences for yourself, your loved ones and your clients. “I have been with The Travel Franchise for over 6 years and it’s been an incredible journey. We love that we’ve escaped the 9-5 and can travel the world whenever we want.” – Susan & Ian

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Meet Agata Wiencis of Mini Max Travel to discover the secrets of success over a decade down the line with over £1 million in commission 

As one of the longest-standing consultants with The Travel Franchise, Agata Wiencis set up her travel consultancy back in 2010. Her business is still thriving today – in fact it’s going from strength to strength. With a team of staff working alongside her, including her husband who handles the marketing side of things, Wiencis is still in love with her job and the lifestyle it allows her to live. 

Polish born and bred, she runs her company from her hometown of Banff in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

For those curious to hear her story, she answers your key questions:

Why did you join in 2010? 

I was looking for a business that would allow me to work remotely. I’d never worked in the travel industry before so had no experience. I wanted to be my own boss and I hated working weekends, so a travel business was a great solution as it allowed me to work when and where I want.

How has your company grown over the past 14 years? 

About two years into the business I got to the point where I just couldn’t deal with all the enquiries all on my own. I remember it clearly: it was a rainy January day and I just sat and cried. This was the turning point. This was the moment when, together with my husband Fabian, we decided that we needed to bring more people on board. It was extremely hard to find the right people though. It took years and years until we managed to complete the team we have with us now. So, to summarise, it was not about the income but about the fact we needed more hands to deal with enquiries that Fabian was getting on the back of all his advertising activities.

What tips would you give others starting out in this business?

I always repeat that whoever wants to win in the business must just follow the 3P rule: be Patient, Positive and Persistent. The rest will just happen.

How did/do you find your customers? 

We have very little business from people I knew before the business started. All our customers come from advertising, recommendations and many of them are repeat customers. Most of our customers are Polish people living in the UK.  Fabian is the marketing specialist, his job is to run all social media, google adverts etc.  It was all built over years but we keep advertising and bringing new customers in all the time. 

How do you ensure your customers come back to you? 

We create a bond. We become friends with them. We do all we can for every customer to come back to us. 

Do you specialise in any specific niche areas/regions?   

No, we sell all destinations. Although I have to admit we don’t sell many skiing holidays. 

What’s your most memorable booking?

The most memorable booking was rather about the experience that the customer had when on a holiday. It was unfortunately an accident but the care and support we gave to the customer was so great that we can easily say that a person is still alive thanks to our support.  It’s a long story but it shows how much we care. The customer would never have got the kind of support we gave them had they booked online. 

Do you still enjoy being a travel consultant after all these years? 

Oh absolutely yes. The freedom to manage our own time is what we love the most. Being able to work remotely is the second most important thing to us.

How has Not Just Travel evolved over the years?

NJT has grown in so many ways. The training is amazing nowadays – something I didn’t get so much when I joined 14 years ago. They keep impressing me non stop.

Has the job allowed you to travel a lot over the past 14 years? 

We are actually away every six to eight weeks. We’ve travelled to so many places and our favourite one is the Philippines.

What’s your goals for 2024 and beyond? 

I just keep being positive and persistent in everything I do. Fabian does his job of getting in more customers and the magic of growing the company happens itself.

Are you looking for a long-term business opportunity? Then find out more about how The Travel Franchise can help you launch your very own travel business.

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