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EE is a major British mobile network operator with around 32 million customers. Always wondered if it franchises in the UK? Read on to find out...

EE has been one of the up-and-coming mobile networks and internet providers in the telecoms industry since its launch. Its stores are scattered through many British high streets and as of 2019 it’s become the UK’s number one network operator. Let’s find out more about whether the business offers franchise opportunities in the UK.

History of EE

The company was founded in 2010 by Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom as a joint venture but was later acquired by the BT group. The company – formerly known as Everything Everywhere – provides the UK’s fastest 4G network. The EE franchise’s broadband services are also rated the highest for customer service.

Does EE franchise in the UK?

The short answer is no, EE does not franchise in the UK. Most of the EE stores are managed within the company’s internal hierarchy. The company does admit that franchising remains a part of its future strategy to expand the business. But it has explained that it delayed re-opening its franchising venture after it merged with BT in 2016.

However, EE does offer opportunities to build your own MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and the chance to become an indirect partner who sells EE products on its behalf.

How to get involved with EE

Considering EE’s proven preference for multi-unit ownership rather than recruiting franchisees, prospective franchisees must make a good impression. In addition, EE typically selects franchise store locations themselves to offer to franchisees.

It is hard to estimate how much an investment in an EE franchise would cost given that the franchise programme is closed at the moment. Judging by the huge success of the company alone, the investment price is likely to be hefty.Nonetheless, franchising with a reputable company like EE is generally more favourable in the eyes of major banks, which could help you secure a business loan.

The company is recruiting business partners of all kinds. Distribution, solutions and reseller partner roles are all currently available to apply for via the EE website.

Despite the autonomy these positions allow, EE will still provide solid support, training and resources. Although this is not necessarily a franchise opportunity, it’s a chance to work behind the scenes within the business and sales side of the company.

The telecom market in the UK

The telecom sector makes an enormous contribution to the UK economy, generating a turnover of £33.8bn in 2018. The industry allows millions of people across the world to stay connected, sending images and data, as well as the fundamental foundation of the telecom business – making phone calls.

The telecommunications industry in the UK is more lucrative than ever with the rapid development of technology over the years. 79 percent of adults in the UK use smartphones in addition to the 87 percent of households in the UK that use broadband. The demand for the best mobile network providers and the fastest broadband operators is only set to increase.

The number of superfast fibre-optic broadband lines has also increased, seeing 17 percent of people upgrading from standard broadband services. With a staggering 2.9GB of mobile data and 240GB of fixed broadband connections data used every month, the need for a fast connection has never been so essential.

In order to stay competitive and evolve, telecommunications business will need to invest in technological advancements such as 5G. The Vice President of Sparkle, Giuseppe Valentino, explained that revolutionary 5G broadband offers greater capacity and ten times more speed than the current 4G networks. As such, it will require artificial intelligence and an investment in greater infrastructure.

Similar franchise opportunities

BT Local Business

BT Local Business is a franchise opportunity that offers you the chance to set up your own independent business backed by BT – the oldest telecommunications business in the world. The network of businesses brings technology, expertise and BT services to local communities. It combines the local knowledge and understanding of franchisees with national resources supplied by BT itself.

  • Becoming a BT Local Business franchisee: The perfect candidate to run their own BT business needs the necessary finances. BT is also looking for candidates who can showcase their ability to create and put business plans into practice, recruit their own staff and consistently offer a quality service. Click here to find out more.
  • How much you need to invest: If you’re looking to start up your own BT Local Business, you will need to raise an initial investment of £120,000. Potential franchisees should expect to invest a total of £350k into the business. However, funding is available for up to 70 percent of the investment cost, and you’ll have the benefit of a strong, reputable company name behind you if you apply to banks for a loan. BT franchisees have access to the customer base in their area, meaning they will already have existing clients at their disposal. Commission is also uncapped – the more turnover franchisees make, the more they will earn.
  • What you get for your investment: The training and support that BT Local Business franchisees receive will guarantee them every success. Franchisees will be updated on any development within the company and have direct contact with a team of BT specialists at their disposal. They’ll also enjoy access to sales campaigns and practice toolkits on how to generate more profit. Not only that, BT will work with its franchisees to assess where they will take their businesses in the future and ensure they have the resources to execute these plans.

Pink Connect

Pink Connect is a telecommunications business set up in 2002. It provides landline and mobile telephone packages, call plans, IT systems and infrastructure and both fibre and ADSL broadband at competitive prices.The company was set up by James and Gisela Pink. It has become a trusted supplier to small and medium-sized businesses and enjoys 98 percent customer loyalty year in, year out. Pink Connect launched when BT had no other telecom competitors on the market ¬– and it came along to challenge BT’s prices.

  • Becoming a Pink Connect franchisee: Pink Connect is looking for dedicated and disciplined candidates who are ready to put in the hard work to reap the long-term benefits the franchise can offer. A background in sales is always helpful and a willingness to expand the business upon its initial success is essential. The franchise can generate potentially huge returns of £1 million a year, but it takes a business mind dedicated to do so in order to achieve these profit goals. Click here to find out more.
  • How much you need to invest: Pink Connect requires an initial and total investment of £19,950 + VAT, which is perhaps a more manageable budget for some interested franchisees. The franchisees will also have to pay an operating fee of 15% of their monthly turnover to Pink Connect.
  • What you get for your investment: Franchisees can expect to attend a three-day intensive Service and Product training at the company’s various facilities across the country. The franchise also ensures that industry experts are on-hand to educate franchisees on the ins and outs of Pink Connect’s services. This in-depth training ensuring they understand how these products truly help businesses when put to the test.


Telcoinabox is a telecommunications franchise that offers mobile services, landlines, broadband and more. The model has been operating for over 13 years in three countries.The franchise currently works with over 75 partners in the UK to set up, supply and support various telecommunications companies. Lots of franchisees are attracted to Telcoinabox because it’s a low-cost business to set up. It has also enjoyed many years of experience, which is another appealing prospect for new business owners.

  • Becoming a Telcoinabox franchisee: People setting up their own Telcoinabox franchise will need to have excellent customer service skills and the business acumen to elevate the brand name. All day-to-day work can be done remotely, so candidates with busy personal lives have the luxury of flexibility at their disposal. Click here to find out more.
  • How much you need to invest: Franchisees can expect to invest a total of anywhere between £9,000 and £20,000 for opportunities across several areas in the UK. The lower starting cost is the price of the self-starter package, and the upper £20,000 price point is for the full franchise package. These rates exclude VAT. Additional costs may have to be accounted for due to training fees, but this will be priced at around an affordable £60 + VAT.
  • What you get for your investment: After Telcoinabox has received your investment, you will be welcomed to attend a three-and-a-half day on-site training programme at its offices. It’s vital that you leave the programme knowing Telcoinabox’s services like the back of your hand. The franchise will ensure you have access to continued and ongoing support while you run your own Telcoinabox business.


If you are interested in any of the opportunities above, you can visit the franchises’ websites, Telcoinabox, BT Local Business and Pink Connect, for more information. Otherwise, click here for further telecommunications franchise opportunities mentioned and/or listed on our website.

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