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Telecommunications is one of the most important industries in the modern economy. Creating and maintaining the networks that allow information and data to get to our televisions, radios, phones and computers has changed the way that we interact with each other and businesses. By keeping millions of devices connected, telecommunications companies are what allow people to purchase a product on the other side of the world using their phone, or send their latest holiday pictures to their family.

As well as the huge changes in the technological landscape, the last decade has seen the makeup of the telecommunications industry begin to shift. Once ruled by a small club of huge national companies, most major economies have privatised their telecoms networks. This has allowed in lots of new entrants into the market. These smaller, more agile companies are often better placed to capitalise on the growth in mobile and internet services.

While good old-fashioned telephone calls continue to be the main staple of business telecom companies, there is an increasing need for these companies to handle large amounts of text, images and data. If you are looking to invest in a telecom or IT-related franchise, there are a lot of options out there. Taking the time to understand the market and what opportunities are available could be the difference between making a poor investment and really profitable one.

World's largest telecom company

Telecom franchises are only really an option in the business world. The residential market is what provides customers broadband and TV in their homes and is dominated by large companies slogging it out to offer the lowest prices. It is the business space where the opportunities of the telecom industry really lie.

Businesses need high-quality and reliable services with regards to their telephone calls and data delivery. From larger multinationals looking to create complex infrastructures to support their operations, to smaller companies looking for the best way to carry out videoconferencing, there are always lots of potential opportunities for telecoms companies.

So, what telecoms franchises are available for someone looking to invest?

Telecom franchises in the UK

Before you start looking at individual telecoms franchise opportunities, it is important to understand a few things about what getting involved in the industry would actually entail.

Firstly, you are going to need to hone in on what area of telecoms you want to focus on. While being a jack of all trades might work for smaller companies, you will quickly find that most companies are looking for specialist expertise. Spending your days helping companies set up videoconferencing systems is a different proposition from helping them design and build phone delivery systems.

Secondly, it is important to scrutinise what the exact nature of your relationship with your potential franchisers will be like. Different companies will offer different levels of resources and support, but every franchisor wants to make sure every franchise is a success. Make sure you are happy with your monthly payments and both parties understand exactly the nature of their relationship and their subsequent obligations.

Another important consideration is where you are going to work. Do you want to primarily work from home, or do you see yourself in a small office? You are likely to be travelling around a lot, which could involve early mornings and late nights.

With all of this in mind, lets take a look at some of the telecom companies that are currently offering franchise opportunities in the UK:

This company was started in 2003, and offers investors the chance to own a website design and marketing company. A companys website is an important way of attracting new customers, helping existing ones and providing information. The company has over 30 franchises in the UK.

Spoton.nets model revolves around offering local companies a consultation service that helps them get the best website. With a relatively low investment of £14,000, the company offers big earning potential. If you are looking to work from home or tailor your hours around your family life, this could be a great telecom franchise opportunity.


An increasing number of businesses are looking to create their own mobile apps to deliver their products or services better to their customers. Designing, developing and releasing mobile apps is not a simple process though, and many businesses can be put off.

Eazi-Apps offers an innovative drag and drop platform that helps companies create and deploy mobile apps quickly and cheaply. A minimum investment of £7,995 gets you two days of training, help establishing your businesses in your local area and access to support.

The underlying product is one that lots of companies would find very useful. Getting a cutting-edge piece of telecoms technology without the need to get lost in coding for weeks on end is an attractive proposition.

Pink Connect

Established in 2002, Pink Connect looks to put environmental concern and sustainability at the heart of business telecoms. This is a distinctive niche to carve out in a crowded marketplace, and the company is one of the only providers green voice services.
Serving over 2,000 businesses across the UK, it is clear that a growing number of companies are concerned about delivering their services in the most sustainable way possible. An investment gets you extensive training and support, and gives you the opportunity to set your own hours. The company will help you out with an ongoing social media campaign to help drum up business for you.

These three companies are just a few examples of the diverse telecoms opportunities available to potential investors in the UK. They all have radically different offerings and services, and involve doing completely different things on a daily basis. The diversity on offer in the UK telecom sector means that you will always be able to find a franchise opportunity to get excited about.

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