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Activ net marketing online franchise information

Opening a franchise with Activ Net Marketing gives you the opportunity to run a successful and profitable web marketing business from the comfort of your own home. Youll join the growing number of Activ Net Marketing franchisees up and down the country who have built thousands of websites for a wide range of organisations.

The demand for this online franchise is enormous. Not only is it small businesses that want help to build or revamp their online presence but organisations such as charities, local government and sports clubs are interested too. This means that wherever you choose to set up your business, you'll have a large number of potential clients waiting to benefit from your services.

Dont worry if youve never worked in this industry before. In fact, this is one of the best franchise to buy for entrepreneurs who want a career change. Activ Net Marketing will support and mentor you through your franchising journey and share with you proven ways of approaching prospective clients in your area. Youll receive training on how to explain the benefits of the internet services on offer and access to the software and technical expertise that you need to become a success.

If operating an online franchise is for you, then here is some more information about this exciting opportunity.

Whats required?

You dont need any previous experience in web development or sales to consider opening a franchise with Activ Net Marketing. However, you need to be prepared to work hard and be determined to run a successful business.

From a technical perspective, the software youll need to use for web design can be operated with basic computer skills. However, if youd rather, the Activ support team can look after the technical side of the business for you, allowing you to focus on growing your customer base. The SEO and social media programmes are also carried out by in-house experts.

Depending on your circumstances, there are several ways that you can choose to run your business:

  • Part-time to earn some additional income which fit around other commitments.
  • Full-time as your primary source of income.
  • From home so that you can save money on expensive overheads such as renting business premises and commuting.

Due to the freedom and flexibility that this opportunity provides, this is one of the best franchises to buy for entrepreneurs who want to do something that they love while achieving a healthy work/life balance.

To become a successful franchisee with Activ Net Marketing, you need to be sociable, hardworking, enthusiastic, determined, ambitious and prepared to accept expert advice and guidance.

Franchise package

Opening a franchise with Activ Net Marketing allows you to take control of your success and earning potential. To help you get your business off to the best possible start, you'll receive the following benefits as part of the comprehensive franchise package:

  • Sales and marketing training on how to acquire and retain clients.
  • Access to a dedicated franchise development officer who will help you to grow your business.
  • Ongoing training and support through a mentoring programme.
  • Your own local website.
  • All marketing material which can be personalised.
  • Customer agreement forms that comply with all relevant legislation.

This online franchise opportunity gives you a great chance to build a long-term sustainable business with one of the largest web marketing companies in the UK.

Case study

Cecilia and John Holden had always dreamed of owning their own IT business together. The husband and wife team, who have more than 45 years IT experience between them, made their dream come true when they started their Activ Net Marketing franchise in 2008.

For Cecilia, joining Activ Net Marketing was an easy decision to make. Before starting the franchise, Cecilia worked for an international investment bank in the City which included having to commute for over three hours every day. As well as this, Cecilia had to travel to New York every couple of weeks which was challenging to sustain.

Equally, becoming a franchisee has benefited John too. John had been running his own golf ball business but decided that he wanted to find another way to make his money. Being able to run their own franchise has enabled Cecilia and John to enjoy more freedom and flexibility while earning a substantial income. They now have a much better work/life balance and are enjoying working together.

Cecilia and John love the fact that theyre both doing a job that theyre passionate about and that they get to help such a diverse range of businesses.

Financial information

Activ Net Marketing is an attractive proposition as it offers several different revenue streams. These include web design, mobile optimised web design, SEO, Social Media management and email marketing. Each of your clients pays an upfront fee and then an annual website renewal fee to cover things such as hosting, domain names, email and any necessary updates.

The sales model is straightforward too. Clients pay a setup cost for each website, and therefore your profitability depends on the number of website sales you can generate and how many additional Activ products you can sell. Because of the different revenue streams available you decide how much you earn. You can make between £1,000 and £5,000 per month depending on what time you have available, your motivation and your ability.

The cost of joining Activ Net Marketing is just £9,995 which makes it one of the best franchises to buy for those on a budget. As well as the initial franchise fee, there is a monthly support fee which is payable after the first three months. The fee is waivered at the beginning of your franchising journey to help you get up and running. This fee covers all your ongoing training, technical support and contributes towards the development of Activ Net Marketings software.

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