Turn a Hobby Into a Career by Starting a Franchise

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Turn a Hobby Into a Career by Starting a Franchise

Most people will spend the majority of their adult lives working, and that’s exactly why choosing a career that brings you joy and fulfillment matters so much. In the franchising world, a thousand different opportunities are out there waiting, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to turn a hobby into a career by starting a franchise.

Combining your hobbies and passions with your work can be tricky, but it can also work out incredibly well. It’s all about discovering the right formula for success, and ensuring that your hobby is financially viable, particularly in the long term. In this article, you’ll discover how to turn a hobby into a career via the medium of franchising.

The franchising industry is full of new career opportunities

Some people believe that franchising is only relevant to fast food chains. In reality, the industry is vastly varied and growing quickly, and there’s something for everyone on offer. As a franchisee, you’ll be able to be your own boss, but you’ll benefit hugely from your access to an established, proven business model. And, if you’re ready for a new adventure, franchising could be a great way to break into a new sector.

Turn a hobby into a career with these exciting franchising concepts

Currently, the average working week is 33.8 hours long [Office for National Statistics]. The majority of people spend this time doing work that isn’t necessarily their passion. A very small number of people consider their work to centre around something that was once a hobby, or something that they find creatively fulfilling and exciting. 

In surveys, most people “could name several activities, such as pursuing a hobby, that they’d like to have time for.” This is more significant than it may sound, because it isn’t just individuals who are missing out. When people don’t have time for hobbies, businesses pay a price. Hobbies can make workers substantially better at their jobs.
—Harvard Business Review 

Consider the implications of Harvard Business Review’s above statement. If the chance to indulge in a hobby can make a worker much better at their job, would turning this hobby into their job yield even more positive results? In 2020, music, food and travel were three of the most commonly listed hobbies in the UK [Statista], and for every one of these hobbies, there’s a suitable franchising opportunity out there...

1. Music lovers might like to invest in Popcat’s Music Time

Founded in 2014, Popcat’s Music Time is an educational music franchise, offering movement and music to pre-school children and the elderly. If music is your passion in life, this could be the perfect franchising opportunity for you. 

Popcat’s Music Time makes work for franchisees both fun and profitable, and the business offers support every step of the way. Not every franchising opportunity requires a huge upfront investment, and to enjoy this low-cost franchising opportunity, you’ll only need to put up an initial £3,800, with total investment costs of £6,800. To be a suitable Popcat’s franchisee, you’ll need to be a teacher, you’ll need to love working with children, and you’ll also need to be:

  • Energetic and entertaining

  • Organised and hard-working

  • Willing to grow a business

  • Good at singing and passionate about music 

2. Foodies will find their people as Chock Shop franchisees

Founded by Greg Shearman, Chock Shop is a dessert franchise specialising in the creation of artisan chocolate brownies. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a love of food, you might find your place running a Chock Shop franchise. The business creates quality products out of quality ingredients, and the wide customer base is only growing with time. 

If you’d like to become a Chock Shop franchisee, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £10,000, with a total investment of £15,000. After two years, the expected revenue for new franchisees stands at around £100,000. The ideal Chock Shop franchisee, according to the company, would:

  • Be practical, resourceful and organised

  • Enjoy working outdoors

  • Be outgoing and personable

  • Create easy rapport with customers

  • Be able to plan effectively in advance

3. Travel fans can start a new adventure with GoCruise

GoCruise is the perfect franchise to work with if you’re interested in travel. As the UK’s largest cruise agency, the franchise has a network of over 60 units across the country. As a franchisee, you’ll operate in your own exclusive territory, with access to a potential quarter-million customers. 

To work with this thriving franchise, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £13,000. In return, you’ll be provided with a high standard of training and support. An ideal GoCruise franchisee would be something with:

  • A passion for sales

  • Good business judgement 

  • An ability to approach business professionally 

  • A dedication to upholding the quality and trusted service standards of GoCruise

Navigating your career change

Hopefully, this article has shown you just a fraction of the amazing investment opportunities which are available in the world of franchising. It’s an undeniably varied and innovative industry. If you’re inspired to act, and you’re ready to turn your hobby into a career by starting your own franchise, here’s a brief list of everything that you’ll need to do next:

1. Complete as much research as you can. Make sure that you’ll truly be able to turn your hobby into a career and still a) enjoy your hobby and b) make enough money to live comfortably.

2. Book a discovery day with any franchise that you’re interested in potentially investing in. This will give you a better feel for the company.

3. Carefully consider your location. Where do you want to franchise, and which opportunities can accommodate this?

4. Seek professional advice before signing your franchise agreement, in order to be assured that everything is above board.

5. Become a franchisee today and turn your passion into profit

Your work can be more than something you do to pay the bills. If you’re looking to turn your passions into profits, the franchising industry is a great place to start, as you’ll be able to experiment without taking so many financial risks. Just remember: there’s always room for creativity in franchising

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