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The myth-busting series is back to debunk more ideas you may have about franchising. We discuss ideas people have about franchises that arenít necessarily accurate. Up next in the series is tackling the common misconception that, as a franchisee, there is no room for creativity in your business. We will discuss how that myth came about and how you can make the business your own when starting a franchise.

The concept of franchising is recruiting candidates to open and run their own store or outlet. This allows a business to delegate responsibilities and power while simultaneously expanding the franchise across the UK.

Itís true that starting an independent business as opposed to starting a franchise will allow you more creativity in the brand design and the products. But, there are other ways in which franchisees have freedom to take the business in the direction they want.

Recruiting and managing staff

The main area of power franchisees have at their disposal in directing their business is through the responsibility of hiring a team and managing their time. As the business owner, it is ultimately up to them to whom they decide to be part of the team.

Not only that, the franchisee can decide how the team should be managed and coordinated and the systems put into place to ensure a healthy work environment and the happiness of both employees and customers as a result.

For example, franchisees could decide what rewards to offer staff and the specific achievements they want to recognise in order to praise and promote a productive work environment. They also have control over the staff events and team building exercises they want to put into place to ensure a harmonious atmosphere for every team member. It is their responsibility to address areas of concern employees have about the running of the business in order to develop as effective and well-oiled a machine as possible.

Local marketing

Franchisees can also direct marketing on a local level. Although you are supplied with marketing resources and support from Head Office when running your own business under a franchise, starting a franchise could mean you have a say in how you market in the business in its local area. Although you need to follow a rough guideline using the brandís trademarks and approved promotional offers, for example, there is flexibility in the way you execute this.

There are even franchise opportunities for advertising and marketing companies. This would expand your role to designing and supplying promotional resources for various companies as well as your own business, allowing even more room for creativity.

Franchise sectors which allow the most room for creativity

1. Childrenís franchises

Childrenís franchises often allow the most room for creativity. Whether itís fun events or teaching and tutoring, you have the freedom to plan and offer whatís most effective for families in your businessís local area.

A great example of a creative childrenís company that franchises is Creation Station. At a low-cost minimal investment of £7,999, the franchise is a financially viable option for many looking to start a franchise.

Itís perfect for those who are passionate about providing more arts-and-crafts based activities for children.

You have the freedom to lead creative activities how you like as long as your classes meet the ideals of the brandís philosophies.

2. Beauty franchises

As suggested, beauty franchises offer room for creativity. You'll be operating as a nail technician or hair stylist and what you can offer to your clients.

Franchises like Lash Perfect Beauty Bar leave room for innovation as you can choose which treatment courses you would like to enrol on in order to extend the list of treatments you offer to customers. The business is not only limited to lashes, as you can offer nail and brow services, including microblading.

Itís up to you what you offer as a franchisee and this can determine how much profit you make.

3. Education franchises

Educational franchises offer more room for creativity in terms of what and how you teach. If you have a background of teaching, you can apply effective methods to a business that allows you more freedom to thrive and have greater effect on childrenís learning than in more formal institutions.

Choice Home Tutoring, for example, offers tutors the choice to teach in whatever subject as long as they are educated to degree-level in that field. Tutoring companies tend to be less specific in the product theyíre offering, and so thereís room to develop several different areas within the company and help contribute to building a solid reputation.

This allows franchisees to build a network of tutors in that subject area to create a powerful business in the specific area with the assistance of an established franchisor.

The benefits of an established way of operating

Ultimately, major decisions, such as new product development, which will be implemented throughout the individual businesses, will be taken by the franchisor itself.

However, there are benefits that come with the lack of independence in franchising. When starting your own business from scratch, thereís a higher risk of failure.

Starting a franchise means youíre more likely to succeed with a reputable brand name behind you. The turnover reached by the UK franchise industry in 2018 was a staggering £17.2 billion, according to the 2018 BFA NatWest Franchise survey.

If youíre struggling for funding, banks are more likely to give out loans to franchises that they know already have an established name on the market and are more likely to generate a turnover that will allow franchisees to pay the money back.

With franchising, you know the product works and you know there is an audience ready to consume the product. Although you may have desires to have your own creative input in what you sell and the services you provide, you must trust in that those services are what your customer are coming to you for and they are proven to be profitable.

Becoming a franchisee could be the perfect stepping stone to raise enough money to start your own business if you have a concept in mind. Armed with more experience and a stronger financial position, you are more likely to succeed in your own personal business.

You'll never be alone

Lastly, the support, training and resources you receive as a new business owner by franchisors is vastly superior to the support you receive when starting your own independent business. As suggested by the word Ďindependentí, itís very much a process that you have to direct alone and source your own necessary resources. This is great for the more experienced business minds, but if youíre just starting out, franchising is a great option for you.

Enjoy creativity and security under the franchise model

Investing in a franchise doesnít mean you have no control, nor does it mean you work for the franchisor. You are your own boss and the freedom to run the business in the way you like, and depending on the sector you invest, the nature of the franchise can allow a creative outlet for you to make your own mark on the industry. For more franchise opportunities, feel free to browse our directory.

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