Achieving The Ultimate Work / Life Balance As A Franchisee

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Work life balance as a franchisee

Franchises offer entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to become their own boss whilst enjoying the benefits of an established business with a proven track record of success. But for all the advantages that come with being a franchisee, its also hard work requiring dedication and commitment.

Many people dream of leaving their mundane 9 5 job and trading it in for a life of flexibility and freedom that owning a franchise can give. This dream can be a reality, but you need to choose the right type of franchise opportunity. Luckily you can choose to invest in a part time franchise, a home-based franchise or a van based franchise; all of which will give you the independence you desire.

So, whatever franchise you choose, heres some tips to help you achieve the ultimate work / life balance.

Have a vision

When you start your franchising journey, have a vision in mind for what you want to achieve. If you only want to work certain days a week so that you can limit the amount of money spent on childcare, then you need to be clear about these from the outset. Investing in a home-based franchise may give you the flexibility to only work whilst your children are in school, for example.

You may decide that you only want to work certain months of the year to allow you to pursue other interests. This is where a seasonal franchise could be considered. Imagine the flexibility of running your ice-cream business in the summer months, whilst enjoying lengthy skiing holidays when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Anything is possible if you do your homework and buy the right franchise. Achieving the right work-life balance will make you happy. And a happy franchisee is usually a profitable one too.

Dont lose sight of your vision

Once youve started your franchise, it can be easy to become so involved in the day to day running of your new business, that you realise that the vision you once had has disappeared. This may lead to you resenting your business as it has not led to the work / life balance that you desire.

If you hated your old job because you had to work weekends, then make sure that you dont fall into the trap of putting your franchise before your family on a Saturday and Sunday. This can happen particularly if youre running a home-based franchise as it can be difficult to separate work and home.

It may take hard work, but if youre strict then establishing specific hours for work and the rest for play, you can achieve the right balance.

Take advantage of the franchise model

One of the main benefits of investing in a franchise rather than starting an independent business, is that someone has built the brand and operating system on your behalf. The franchisor has done much of the ground work that goes into making a franchise a success, and so there are less responsibilities for you to undertake.

Enjoy the fact that you can turn to the franchisor if you have any problems that you need help with. Theres no need to suffer in silence and work long hours to try and overcome any challenges that youre faced with. Draw on experience, not only from the franchisor, but also from other franchisees within your network. Chances are, someone else will have had the same concerns that you may be feeling, and have already worked out the solution.

Learn to say no

Do not allow yourself to become overworked. As a franchisee dedicated to making your business a success, you may not realise that youve compromised your work / life balance; and therefore, your happiness, until its too late.

If you started a part time franchise because you only wanted to work a certain number of hours a week, then remember the reasons why this was so important to you. Its easy to take on more than we originally planned because we dont like to say no to either the franchisor or customers, but this can be detrimental to your overall vision.

Its like a vicious circle; the more work we do, the more accustomed we become to working at that pace, and so it becomes difficult to go back to that part time franchise dream. The best way to overcome this is to be aware of your own limits when it comes to your work, and tackle any problems before they get out of control.

Dont feel pressured to expand

When you started your van based franchise, you probably had images of driving around your territory, meeting your customers and being in control of when are where you worked. Or you longed for the end of the dreary commute that your home-based franchise promised.

The problem is, that if you become a successful franchisee, the franchisor may want you to grow your business. This is an obvious next step for many franchisees who want to expand their business empire, but if this puts your work / life balance out of line, then it may not be worth it. It depends on what your end goal is for your franchise.

If you want to become a multi van franchise, for example, then you may need to take more of a managerial role in your franchise rather than being out on the road. If this works for you and you still manage to achieve your personal goals, then everyone is happy.

Put yourself first

Remember that no matter how big or successful your franchise gets, you should never neglect your happiness. Make sure that working to be the best franchisee you can be doesnt leave you ignoring your role as a parent, spouse or friend.

Enjoy a night at the cinema, take trips to the beach on the weekend and make dinner plans with friends. After all, being able to live your life to the full was the reason you started a franchise in the first place.

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