6 Advantages of Running a Seasonal Franchise

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You may not have considered running a seasonal franchise - you may not even have realised they exist. But they can provide a fantastic opportunity if you’d like to maximise your earning potential for part of the year, and take your foot off the gas during quieter months.

Seasonal franchises have given countless entrepreneurs the chance to take control of their career and improve their work-life balance. Here’s why we believe you should seriously consider launching a business under one of the fantastic brands in this sector. 

Why run a seasonal franchise business? 

1. You can plan your budget to a higher degree of accuracy 

Business owners often struggle to find the time to prepare budgets and adjust them whenever necessary. But with a seasonal franchise, you'll have months to develop a comprehensive financial plan every year. Over time, you’ll learn to judge the level of demand during your busy season in advance and reduce the risk of overspending. 

Of course, seasonal businesses may not bring in as much money for some of the year, so it's vital you spend time on your budget.

2. You have time to recruit the best staff

If you recruit new employees every year, you’ll be focusing on your selection process before the season starts. Unlike other franchisees, you won’t be juggling all your commitments and trying to run a business at the same time as reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and training the chosen employees. 

Note: One factor to bear in mind is the use of fixed-term contracts; if the season is busier than you anticipated, you may have to extend them. If a year is quieter than expected, you'll still be obliged to provide work and wages for your staff until their contract term expires. 

However, your franchisor should be able to help you recognise the signs of a busy or quiet period and anticipate the level of support you’ll need each year. Plus, you’ll be able to develop your understanding and expertise as the years go on. 

3. You have more time to plan marketing campaigns

If your business is at its busiest over the Christmas period, for example, you’ll have all year to prepare your advertising initiatives and develop marketing materials. Not only will this take the stress out of the task, but it’ll also give you more time to investigate the most profitable options. Seasonal franchises offer a fantastic opportunity for those who love to plan ahead. 

4. You can bulk-buy supplies and order early 

When you have time to analyse your previous year’s performance and plan ahead, you’ll be able to anticipate the total amount of supplies you'll need for the coming season and buy in bulk. Taking this step could work out well for your finances, and save you even more money than you would just by being part of a franchise and benefitting from its buying power. 

Also, ordering ahead of time will help you avoid stressful situations. 

5. You can continue with other commitments in the off seasons 

Perhaps you’d like to study for a university qualification, or maybe you just want to spend more time with friends and family. Seasonal franchises offer the time to carry on with your own pursuits whenever you’re not working. As a result, franchisees are often fulfilled, happy and motivated. 

6. You can supplement your business with another seasonal franchise 

Managing two separate businesses can sometimes be tricky, but it’s a great way to keep things interesting and earn an income all year round. For example, if you run a gardening franchise branch during spring and summer, why not complement it with a Christmas decorating business to keep profits up during the winter too?

Christmas franchises are a great way to capitalise on increased consumer spending 

According to research from the Bank of England, the typical UK household spends £500 more in December than in other months. Consumers boost their food budget by 20 percent, their alcohol budget by 30 percent and their book allowance by 80 percent. 

Although the festive period can be extremely competitive for businesses, there’s also increased public footfall and spending. Plus, the ‘window’ for selling festive products has widened in recent years, with many retailers advertising Christmas gifts as early as September. 

In fact, the ‘Christmas season’ can often last up to four months in total, helping seasonal franchise partners maximise their income. While the run-up to the big day can be incredibly busy for businesses, you can earn a year’s worth of profit during the period.

Plus, anything you don’t sell over Christmas can easily be discounted during the ‘January sales’, which tend to start as soon as the big day is over. Likewise, if you think you’ve ordered too much stock for the period, consider a special promotional deal for Black Friday in late November. 

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the festive franchise opportunity offered by The Christmas Decorators. 

But seasonal franchises aren’t just for Christmas… 

Here are just a few examples of ways you can take advantage of seasonal business opportunities throughout the year:  

  • Help customers prepare for sunny weather with a swimming pool franchise, such as Desjoyaux Pools

Some franchises can’t strictly be classed as seasonal, but investors are likely to experience busy periods. Fitness businesses such as Lighterlife are usually particularly popular in the New Year, after indulgent Christmas periods, while florists like Endura Roses will probably be in high demand around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Find out more about joining a seasonal franchise

Take a look at the sectors listed above to find your perfect seasonal franchise opportunity. You can request more information on each business’s profile page, and get in touch with its team to learn more. 

And while you’re here, why not take a look behind the curtain of the franchise industry with our in-depth guides focusing on all areas of business?

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