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World Options is a worldwide courier and delivery services provider. We offer a variety of carriers catering any kind of business with easy process saving customers time, money and trouble.

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World Options is gearing up for its busiest years ever as industry research predicts that the logistics world will continue to expand.

Domestic delivery businesses such as World Options should benefit from increased consumer demand, according to a new report.

The study, carried out by the global market research company, Frost & Sullivan, focuses on the Australian logistics and transportation industry. It reveals that the sector should continue to evolve, as a result of international trade tensions and new industry regulations. While the latter may trip up larger delivery enterprises, smaller businesses can take advantage of increasing demand for e-commerce-related services.

The Global Transportation and Logistics Industry Outlook 2019 report forecasts a reduction in large-scale logistics growth and a rise in domestic delivery solutions. This is great news for small and medium-sized courier and delivery franchises like World Options.

It has already started to capitalise on the changing sector. In 2018, it established its own online portal to provide its franchisees with extra information about transit timeframes, invoices and collections and deliveries. This has helped World Options business partners to make the most of the franchises position within the industry and stay on top of any changes to it.

Frost & Sullivans report has released various predictions regarding the future of the industry. It states: In 2019, logistics industry majors across the value chain are expected to prioritise operational efficiencies, with investments in technology adoption.

But Frost & Sullivan isnt the only research firm to forecast growth in the logistics and transportation industry. In 2018, the market research company Technavio revealed a potential compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of seven percent between 2018 and 2022. This means small and medium-sized domestic businesses like World Options could stand to boost their profitability over the next few years.

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