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Courier and delivery franchise World Options has some top tips for people working from home.

World Options has carried out its largest ever survey to find out how the nation is working from home successfully. Before we give you a rundown of its helpful tips, let’s take a look at some helpful statistics the delivery franchise found…

  • 43 percent of us work from home at least once or twice a month
  • 34 percent like to work in a separate office or study
  • 30 percent prefer working at a table in living room or kitchen
  • 21 percent choose the sofa
  • 10 percent stick to their bedroom

There are countless benefits to working from home. But the top five according to those surveyed are:

  1. Not having to commute
  2. Starting and finishing when they want
  3. Wearing whatever they want
  4. Can work without interruptions
  5. Can fit work schedule around errands and chores

But while there are benefits, it’s useful to note the downsides too. These are:

  1. Getting distracted by chores
  2. Finding it difficult to switch off and stop working
  3. Feeling like people don’t appreciate how hard you’re working
  4. Missing socialising with colleagues in the office
  5. Procrastinating more with no one to check up on you

World Options suggests that there are four main tips to keep in mind when it comes to being a work-from-home pro.

First off, you need to be organised. To be successful when remote working it’s important to create a fixed schedule and stick to it. It’s also a good idea to create a separate space in your home to work in.

Next up is looking after yourself. Be careful not to work yourself too hard. Take regular breaks, get outside, take a full hour for lunch and get showered and dressed in the morning.

Staying connected is also important. Keep in touch with your colleagues and clients using telephone and video conferencing services.

Say focused and try to keep distractions at a minimum. If listening to music helps, great! But if it distracts you then it’s best to keep it switched off. Also, tell your nearest and dearest that you’re working so they refrain from interrupting you.

If you’d like to discover more about the World Options franchise opportunity, head over to its client page.

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