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World Options is a worldwide courier and delivery services provider. We offer a variety of carriers catering any kind of business with easy process saving customers time, money and trouble.

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World Options has seen an increase in demand for its services during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


The courier franchise has enjoyed a 39 percent rise in UK domestic collections and deliveries since March last year, and expects demand to increase again in 2021. Thanks to the greater focus on e-commerce services throughout the pandemic, businesses offering courier services have been able to scale up their operations. 


The company’s UK Franchise Sales, Recruitment and Freight Director, Howard McCormick, revealed,


“The impact of Covid-19 on World Options from a commercial perspective has seen our company record an unprecedented increase in sales.”


The franchise is also earning more attention from prospective investors keen to launch their own branch of the business. Howard said,


“I am contacted on a weekly basis by highly skilled and motivated individuals from the logistics sector who are looking to make a career change, become their own boss and build their own franchised business. 


“World Options is in a fortunate position, as we are able to pick and choose the right individuals to take our business forward. We feel that the future is bright.”


According to Howard, World Options’ IT portal has experienced “little to no interruption”, its IT and marketing departments have been “unaffected” and the training and development teams have used Zoom. In fact, the franchise will continue using video call technology and project management software after the pandemic is over. 


So, what’s next for World Options? It’ll build up its network with new, experienced franchisees and introduce a specialist customer services team at its global headquarters in Blackburn. Above all, the franchise is committed to continue listening to its franchisees and their customers in order to grow as a market leading company.

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