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World Options is teaching us more about sea freight and how goods are transported around the world.

According to the courier franchise, companies can use sea freight to import and export tonnes of products at the same time. Ships transport everything from food to technology, furniture and vehicles, and even goods like iron ore.

World Options explained more about the pros and cons of using this distribution method. It’s ideal for large shipments, and much more cost-effective than air freight. It also incurs lower customs duties and VAT. The franchise revealed some mind-boggling facts about the impressive size of cargo ships. The biggest ones currently in use can hold up to 750 million bananas in 15,000 containers. To put that into perspective, that’s one banana for every person in Europe and North America!

But there are downsides too; sea freight transportation is a slow process and it can take weeks for packages to arrive. Also, shipments are more likely to get damaged on the journey than those transported by air. Despite these disadvantages, though, 90 percent of all our goods are shipped using sea freight!

In the World Options blog, the franchise also included information on how the couriers load shipping containers. They use cranes to stack the boxes on top of each other in the ship. Each box can be up to 40 square metres, so this is a demanding task. When they’ve taken up all the space inside the boat, the workers put a ‘hatch cover’ on top so they can keep stacking containers on the deck.

Frozen and chilled foods are kept in ‘reefer’ (short for refrigerated) containers to keep them fresh for the journey. These storage boxes can create temperatures from -35 degrees all the way up to 30 degrees. If you want to find out more about sea freight, you can read World Options’ full article.

Or, if you’re interested in becoming a World Options franchisee, you can learn more about its business model on its profile page here at Point Franchise.

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