The Açaí Spot Cafe joins Point Franchise

The Acai Spot franchise
The Acai Spot “We believe that the world deserves to enjoy açaí in its best form possible.”

Every time you enter our coffee shops which specialised in açaí products, you will find a beautiful environment, friendly staff and products made with love. We have created a diverse menu that offers healthy and delicious options. Being healthy has never tasted so good!

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The coffee franchise, specialising in açaí products, has joined the Point Franchise network.

The first Açaí Spot Cafe opened in 2015, and the company currently has five locations, based in Dubai, Sharjah and Kuwait. Discussing its mission, The Açaí Spot Cafe said, “We believe that the world deserves to enjoy açaí in its best form possible.” 

The budding business is looking to expand far and wide, spreading the wonder of açaí along the way, and potential UK investors who feel they would be a suitable franchisee are encouraged to get in touch.

The cafe franchise offers a diverse menu, which heavily features the açaí berry, an inch-long, reddish purple fruit which comes from the açaí palm tree, found in the Amazon jungle of Brazil. The exotic berry, which is a relative of the blueberry and the cranberry, has been known for centuries to have many health benefits and healing properties. According to The Açaí Spot Cafe, this special berry is:

  • Energy boosting 
  • Anti-aging 
  • Iron rich
  • Packed with antioxidants 
  • Immune-stimulating 
  • A source of calcium, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and K

The Açaí Spot Cafe’s menu includes açaí bowls, fruit mixes, freshly made sandwiches and cheese buns. The franchise has also partnered with a fantastic roastery to provide a range of tasty coffee options to customers. The roastery, which is based in Dubai, sources its quality beans from Brazil. 

To get involved with this promising new franchise, you must invest a minimum of £135,000, with an expected revenue after two years of £700,000. The Açaí Spot Cafe is looking for franchisees who have similar values of integrity and honesty, along with a proven history of excellence in operations.

For more detailed information about this franchise, visit its profile page, linked above.

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