Shoryu Ramen’s DIY kits now available on Ocado

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Shoryu is the UK’s leading fast-casual ramen bar specialising in high quality, authentic Hakata tonkotsu ramen.

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The popular noodle bar chain was thrilled to announce the exciting news over on Facebook, and DIY Shoryu Kits are now easier for customers to get their hands on than ever.

In the words of Shoryu Ramen, “Getting your DIY Shoryu Kits just got easier! It's been just 15 months since we launched our first DIY Shoryu Kit and they've come a long way... We're super excited to let you know that they're now available at Ocado, so you can just add them to your weekly grocery shopping!” First established 22 years ago in the year 2000, Ocado is a popular online supermarket option in the UK, and has become the country’s largest dedicated supermarket retailer.

By partnering with Ocado, Shoryu Ramen will continue to raise its profile and grow its customer base, leading to the continued growth of its franchise network. You can become a part of this growing network that’s already over 15 locations strong for a minimum initial investment of £450,000, with franchise fees of £25,000 and a total investment cost of £555,000. You’ll also be charged advertising and royalty fees at rates of 2% and 6% respectively.

As the restaurant franchise puts it, “Shoryu Ramen is a Japanese fast-casual concept selling high quality, authentic tonkotsu ramen noodles. Unique in the UK franchise market, the quality of its food has been recognised and recommended by critics, media and from across the sector from The Michelin Guide, The Guardian, and The Times to Timeout. [...] The increasing popularity of Japanese ramen and cuisine, combined with its smart business model, make Shoryu Ramen a most appealing franchise offer in today’s market.” 

If that offer appeals to you, you’ll be pleased to note that you don’t necessarily need previous experience in the Japanese food sector in order to thrive as a franchisee. Instead, you need a passion for hospitality and restaurants, experience with quality food and beverage operations (in any sub-sector) and a clear understanding of Shoryu’s brand, concept and ethos. You’ll also need plenty of entrepreneurial spirit and desire to grow your business over time, coupled with a willingness to follow Shoryu’s proven model. Find out more about a potential franchise investment with Shoryu via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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