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Taka Taka Taka Taka Go Greek

Taka Taka are synonymous with the Highest Quality of Greek Street Foods through both Restaurant and Takeaway formats, renowned for the freshness of our product and the authentic flavours of the Greek Family Kitchen. This together with famous Greek hospitality makes Taka Taka the Very Best Greek Street Food Experience.

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taka-taka-welcome-to-point-franchiseWith over 110 years of compound experience, Taka Taka delivers flavourful experiences within the Greek family kitchen. From modest beginnings 25 years ago in Corfu to searching for new franchisees in the UK, Point Franchise is proud to welcome Taka Taka to the platform!

The Greek family kitchen in Britain

Taka Taka was founded 25 years ago by Stamatios 'Mike' Miaris in Corfu, and quickly moved to Bristol to grow his Greek family kitchen in the UK. Success struck quickly and expanded to Bath and Bournemouth as well. The Taka Taka brand and success even weathered the Covid-19 storm and is now ready to expand across the UK, taking on new franchisees!

Taka Taka follows the ethos of not just seeing food as sustenance but as a quality flavourful experience, delivering stellar Street Greek food through many years of broken nails and gritty determination. In one sentence, Taka Taka can be concisely described as "Good Honest Affordable Food for Everyone".

Street food has followed an impressive global growth, and despite the weather, the UK is no exemption. Over the next three to four years, street food in Britain is predicted to grow year-over-year by 22 per cent, hitting a £1.5 billion valuation, and food-to-go reaching £23 billion. [IBISWorld, Business Gateway, and Lumina Intelligence] Social distancing-friendly takeaway saw an incredible increase in growth during the pandemic. For example, Mintel surveyed consumers' takeaway habits and the effect on street food venues, reporting a 24 per cent average growth!

Needless to say, Street food is thriving in cities across Britain, and Taka Taka is ready to capitalise on it.

taka-taka-franchise-welcome-to-point-franchiseGrowing from delivering the simple exceptionally

The success of Taka Taka is grounded on the simple premise of quality Greek family kitchen street and to-go food from carefully chosen suppliers, comprehensive customer service training, and surpassing standards for preparation and stock management.

In other words, Taka Taka hasn't poured all their money into risky marketing campaigns or gimmicks. But through an unparalleled Greek ambience and an enticing Greek menu.

With Taka Taka, the choice is yours of three concepts on how you want to grow your Taka Taka franchise:

  • Restaurant servicing 10 to 12 tables.
  • Takeaway (or Street Food) delivering Greek gastronomy to 2 to 4 tables
  • Kiosk for people to quickly pick up prepackaged Greek food
  • You even have an optional Dark Kitchen model, where you deliver the authentic Greek kitchen to your territory

So to ensure that everything is up to Taka Taka's high standards, you will receive as a new franchise:

  • Classroom and 'on-the-job' training and support from beginning to independency!
  • Taka Taka will ensure you achieve level 2 certification in health and safety
  • Brand familiarisation of how to cook, sell, and thrive in the Greek family kitchen
  • Assistance before, during, and after your grand opening
  • Access to exclusive and authentic Greek suppliers
  • Continual business assistance from Taka Taka operations managers with over 110 years of consecutive experience

Taka Taka is looking high and low for new franchisees to deliver the Greek kitchen to the UK. They are committed to a mutually beneficial model based on if you succeed, Taka Taka succeeds. Experience in the Food & Beverage sector is not important, just the love of the Greek kitchen and the drive to thrive through grit.

Start your Greek family kitchen franchise by clicking the orange "REQUEST INFORMATION" button, and you will get in touch with Taka Taka!

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