Pieminister’s Mooless Moo pie crowned Supreme Champion

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Pieminister Good times with pies

Pieminister is the producer and retailer of a range of award-winning pies. Founded in 2003, Pieminister cafes, restaurants and pie shops can be found across the UK.

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The restaurant franchise and pie retailer was recently thrilled to announce that the Mooless Moo had earned the exciting accolade at The British Pie Awards.

Pieminister shared the news over on Facebook, posting a picture of the Mooless Moo pie in question accompanied by a caption. The restaurant franchise with a penchant for pies said, “No meaty, no wheaty. This gluten-free Mooless Moo pie picked up the Supreme Champion Award (AKA the Pie of Pies) at The British Pie Awards last week. We're so chuffed & super proud of the whole Pie Crew. Grab one from our online shop or Borough Market from this weekend.”

The Mooless Moo is just one of many innovative pies produced by Pieminister and loved by consumers, and as a franchisee, you would see this demand for delicious, delightful pies firsthand. Pieminister is looking for investors who are natural leaders with a passion for the Pieminister brand and values, experience in operations (at least five to 10 years in the food and beverage industry) and a natural ability to lead/manage successful teams. If that sounds like you, you can become a Pieminister franchise owner for a minimum initial investment of £70,000, with franchise fees of £17,500 and a total investment cost of £130,000.

In the words of Pieminister, “As a key component of its expansion strategy, Pieminister is looking for motivated partners who have the experience and resources to build the Pieminister brand across the UK.  ​With a successful model, Pieminister is set up for all types of entrepreneur: either an individual owner/operator or a territorial franchisee.” Find out more about a potential franchise investment with this award-winning big name in the pie sector via Pieminister’s profile page on Point Franchise, which you’ll discover linked above.

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