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25/07/2018 08:00 | Retail & Stores

Leightons opticians attended a conference to widen its knowledge on specialist contact lenses and how to sell them.

Leightons opticians’ franchisees attended a specialist event to find out the benefits of becoming a specialist contact lens practice. The event, which was attended by over 60 eye specialists, was held at Wembley’s Holiday Inn and offered optometrists, including those from Leightons, a chance to learn more about specialist contact lenses through interactive sessions and talks.

For those with more complex vision problems, regular contact lenses are not always a viable solution. So, the event offered dedicated eye specialists a chance to see the newest and most innovative lenses on the market and to learn from experts on specific eye problems, such as myopia and orthokeratology.

Indie Grewal, a Leightons optometrist and franchisee in St Albans, discussed how he makes specialist lenses a priority in his practice and has maximised potential profits from them. He shared his top tips, including making a spreadsheet of patients who haven’t been successful with contacts yet and contacting them when new lenses are made, to maximise their potential for success and satisfaction.

He said how matching a patient to their perfect lens gives him a “huge sense of satisfaction”, adding:
“Whether that be putting a young child into contact lenses, or fitting a frustrated presbyope with multifocals, there is contact lens solution available for most patients.”

Leightons offers expert solutions in both hearing and sight care. With its advanced eye test scans that can detect issues such as macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma up to five years before normal testing, Leightons is committed to detecting and treating problems at the earliest opportunity. And, with the addition of a fully trained audiologist in every store, there’s plenty of help for those with hearing problems too.

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