Craft franchise opportunities

With consumers starting to realise the value of hobbies that enable them to have a break from our increasingly digital world, the arts and crafts sector is experiencing a significant boom. According to The Crafts Council, craft businesses generate nearly £1.9 billion a year in turnover. Indeed, this increased interest in creative pursuits meant retailer Hobbycraft saw its profits rise by 63% in a year, demonstrating that the sector is a particularly lucrative one, and represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs hoping to get started in the business.

Millennials are getting crafty

Millennials are largely responsible for the craft boom, with over half reporting that they undertake some kind of DIY creative hobby. This can be used to the advantage of young entrepreneurs hoping to invest their future in the industry. Indeed, the rise of Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites designed to allow users to show off their creative work, means that a wide customer base is already established. Young entrepreneurs with social media savvy, therefore, already have a distinct advantage in the field, and may be granted the opportunity to get creative with new and ingenious ways to use technology as a boon to their craft business.

Why a craft franchise could mean serious business

Getting involved with a crafts franchise is a great way to make inroads into the sector. Franchises such as The Creation Station, for example, posit their franchise opportunities as a means to differentiate yourself from other businesses and to make a difference to the lives of artsy children and young people. The other advantage of a franchise, of course, is the training and support you will receive when setting up the business, and throughout your time running it. This is particularly valuable for those who have not had much experience in the sector.

If youre passionate about arts and crafts and are ready to make your way in to the industry, get in touch now!

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