Daniel Moquet meets new eco-friendly standards

Daniel Moquet Driveway Designer franchise
Daniel Moquet Driveway Designer Designing driveways, paths and patios since 1990

DANIEL MOQUET Driveway Designer is Frances largest player in the landscaping industry. Our franchise-owners come from various backgrounds including B2C sales, mass distribution, landscaping, etc. For 40 years, DANIEL MOQUET teams have brought new life to individual's outdoor areas such as driveways, paths and patios. The firm was ranked 2017 Top Franchise Network in France, and won four awards including the Gold Medal for Best Franchise Network, France's Most Profitable Franchise and Best Franchisees Success.

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Daniel Moquet has been named as a franchise opportunity that meets tough new ecological standards for building franchises across Europe.

Daniel Moquet Designer Driveways has been named as one of the most exciting new franchise opportunities that meets tough new carbon emission rules that have been rolled out across Europe.

New rules were set out in 2018 to try and standardise the process for building new homes and carrying out renovations on existing ones. As people all across the globe try and reduce their carbon emissions, the building and home renovation industry is the latest to try and introduce new regulations to help with this.

Rules including the 2012 thermal regulation, which was passed in France to try and improve the amount of energy lost from building through things including poor insulation, have been in place for a while to try and improve the reputation of the building trade. The introduction of the new Energie-Carbone label, which promotes low-energy, low-carbon emission construction and encourages tradespeople to reduce the amount of non-renewable energy theyre using, takes this a step further.

Daniel Moquet is a franchise thats actively trying to make these changes and offers a fantastic opportunity to people across the globe who are interested in the installation of beautiful driveways. The landscaping and driveway franchise has more than 200 franchisees across France and is now trying to expand its highly decorated business model across the world. Its scooped numerous awards including the title of 2017s Top Franchise Network in France, Frances Most Profitable Franchise and Most Successful Franchisees.

With more than 40 years of driveway expertise behind it, Daniel Moquet is now hoping to break into the UK market and recruit ambitious franchisees to take its concept to people all across the country.

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